Mineski PowerColor, DCE '12 champ

Juno Reyes

Yesterday, July 28, the so-called South's finest team has been tested by a former Class S team hailing from the elite ranks of Luzon.

Electricity filled the air as Davao prepared themselves for the hype in the Davao Cyber Expo 2012 (DCE '12) - DotA Competition Grand Finals. Here, long time DotA titan Mineski Infinity Power Color, a team which came all the way from the National Capital Region, faced local stalwarts Wimax, for a whopping first place prize money of 25,000 PHP. The second placer, will get 15,000 PHP. 

Shot of the venue of Davao Cyber Expo

These two teams, representing top class DotA from the Luzon and Mindanao respectively made their way to the finals, going through the brackets unbeaten. And this is no small feat, considering that over 160 teams registered for the tournament.

DCE '12 Dota Top 6

  1. Wimax
  2. Singot
  3. Only
  4. Elite
  5. Star
  6. Mineski Powercolor


The DCE '12 is happened in SM Davao Cyberzone, and proved just how big eSports in the country has become. These two top notch teams collided in a battle of north meets south! Whoever comes out on top, the matchup was bound to get heated and exciting!


DCE '12 Dota finals

Mineski PowerColor


James Kenneth 'wootz' Valdez (c) Patrick 'Nikka<3SIA' Sia (c)
John 'JoJeRo' Roxas Paul John 'sia184vr' Sia
Joshua 'owa/716' Dela Serna Karl Siao 'GODSTATUS-Dagus
Ralph Richard 'Rr?'Peñano Jay Lawrence 'Tifa<3RaiK0Paasa
Ryan Jay 'Bimbo' Qui Prince Vince 'Bensoy' Enriquez


Game 1

(Replay: link)

Mineski PowerColor

Dragon Knight owa/716
Earthshaker wootz
Grand Magus Rr?
Queen of Pain Jay/Bimbo


Templar Assassin GODSTATUS-
Faerie Dragon Bensoy


Game 2

(Replay: link)

Mineski PowerColor

Grand Magus wootz
Shadow Demon Rr?
Beastmaster owa/716
Faerie Dragon Jay/Bimbo


Windrunner Bensoy
Morphling Nikka<3SIA
Crystal Maiden Tifa<3RaiK0
Earthshaker sia184vr


DCE '12 Results

Champion: Mineski PowerColor - PhP 25,000
Runner-up: Wimax - PhP 15,000


Mski.Vero, takes 2nd in Street Fighter

Mineski didn't only take the attention of the Davao Dota community, but the community of 2D fighting as well specifically at Street Fighter IV. Mineski's newest pro-player, Mski.Vero, took the tournament by storm but fell short as he ends up with only 2nd place.

Source - e2-events