July Gamer of The Month: Loseless.Nivram

Wilson Astorga

This Gamer Of The Month article is something that I consider uncommon, yet unique. We all know that there are numerous gamers in the Metro Manila that are considered to be GOTM material due to their talent. But some of you wouldn't know that there are also dozens of players in the Visayas and Mindanao region that have been dominating the meta-game of DotA but doesn't have that much exposure due to several reasons some of us know of.

But for this month, it is their time to shine! It is their time to be known by many across the country. It is the time that someone from their region rise from the pool of talents that Visayas and Mindanao has to offer, that is unknown to some. But of course only one region shall be represented first.

And the worthy player to be considered as the Gamer of The Month came from the rich and wonderful region of the Visayas. Specifically from Cebu, also known as the Queen City of the South. I present to you, Marvin "Nivram" Rushton, captain of the current champions of GMPGL Cebu, as the Gamer of The Month for July.

(Nivram [center] along with his friends)

Hi Nivram! Can you tell something about yourself?

Hi, I'm Marvin "Nivram" Salvador Rushton, 19 years old. I'm currently enrolled at Cebu Insititute of Technology-University, taking up Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.

I've been playing for almost 6 years already. Right now I'm the team captain of my team and my role in the team is the hitter.

Great! So tell me, when did you started to play DotA, your first hero? Any funny experiences that you can recall back then?

I started playing the game when I was at 2nd year highschool, way back in 2006. And my first hero was  Knight Davion. And regarding any funny experiences in the past, I think there wasn't any that I can recall.

And you never looked back on using a carry / hitter hero from the start eh. By the way, what are your favorite heroes and item/s ?

My favorite heroes are  Queen of Pain/  Shadow Fiend and  EarthShaker. And forcestaff is the item that I truly like.

( Nivram with his former team [Latos] )

I see... Any previous team/s before you current team (Loseless)?

Zeitgeist and Latos were my previous teams.

And since you've mentioned Latos, why did you and the other guys from latos decided to officially call it quits as a team? Are there any other reasons if there is one?

We decided to call it quits as a team because we lost our motivation to play the game because the DotA scene in Cebu was dying. And no local team wanted to play with us that time.

The other reason is our captain Chibiby was inactive reasons we don't want to disclose. [laughs]

(Team Loseless with Mski.Banoobs)

Showbiz.. Haha! Next question, how did Loseless started and what was the feeling after grabbing a back-to-back title? Any preparations for a possible 3-peat?

It started out with our teammate and current 6th man Ck2 and the 4 of us in the current lineup (Me,heinrich,Sid,Ninja). Ck2 came up with the name I don't know how but all of us agreed and used it as our team name. [laughs]

The feeling was great of course! It really meant that our hard work paid off. [laughs] We'll practice harder until we reach the maximum potential of each and every player in our team. And most importantly, until we reach the peak of our team's chemistry. Our team's goal this 2nd season would still be the same "to represent our school in terms of gaming." [laughs]

(Nivram's team [left, color maroon] with other NCCL winners and MET members)

Great words coming from a great captain. By the way, since you're also a student gamer, what's your side about the NCCL tournament?

The tournament [NCCL] helps each and every gamer in realizing that he /she can have the fun and excitement of playing DotA while studying. You also need to balance other things besides the game itself. You or your friends could also represent your school in terms of gaming just like the previous season, if you can make it to the top. I think my schoolmates and I represented our school very well, even if we've only reached the third spot. But still, it was a wonderful experience and a wonderful event. Shout-outs Mineski in making the tournament [NCCL] possible. [laughs]

Well, that wraps it all up. But before anything else, don't you have any people to thank to or greet before we end?

Hi to Redford White and Angelina Jolie! [People close to Nivram and not those celebrities] Thanks for adopting me. I would also like to greet the person whom I consider as my inspiration, to my family, to my teammates (Ron, Heinrich, Sid, Ninja, ck2)

Finally, shout-outs to Capt.cbb, Capt.Mike, Arsian , Shimaru, Ugoks for coming to Cebu, Peng, Tony, Raymond Tambis, Foil Rey Valero, Xof, Kp, r2, Legendary Fwah, Bro Moling. Also to Team Barney, Team Backup, Chisu, Aljun , Janlee , Casper Saaaaar, Tonix , Dodong , Carlo dog, Rumolo Getuaban, Pre2, Glesh friendsss, Team CUBE, and to all Cebu teams and players. Handos Cebu DotA! [Laughs]

To all Cebu fans out there that wants to see Nivram and his team (Loseless) in action, just go to Mineski Infinity Ceby branch during the Gigabyte™ Mineski Pro Gaming League tournament and feast your eyes as the most explosive teams in the Visayas area compete with one other for the top spot.  Who knows, you and your team might be the future top team around the region. Salig lang, HUROT NA!

*Photos used belong to Mineski Events Team and to the GOTM himself.