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BenQ-Mski to Blizzard WCS SEA Open at Singapore

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Jhudiel Lopez

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The path towards the Battlenet World Championships is paved with blood, sweat, and micro. And here in Southeast Asia things are no different. As in the other regions, SEA itself is in the process of completing its lineup of champions to face the world, and this weekend will be one of the hottest fires. Two separate tournaments will be held for two slots to the China Continentals.


BenQ Mineski's Stellar (left) and Jabito (right) arriving at the venue

That means one winner each. With the pride of the continent in the line, the stakes are growing at an exponential rate.


And then, there were four.

UPDATE: Brackets released!

The SEA Open has been pulling wars left and right, honing its talents to their sharpest points. Of whom, four were found to be the most deserving to take part. And Blizzard is flying them over to Singapore with a $2000 prize pool just between them so they can show us what they've got!

MiTH.RedArchon Duskbin.Cobo


With Two Terrans, One Zerg and One Protoss, the balance of the scales seems to be tipping towards the human side of the conflict, however the ball is still up in the air as the top spot is for grabs. Who will win to claim the spot for the Regionals? Tune in to the stream this weekend!


National Pride.

Of course, the Singaporeans will not take this down with just watching! They will be fighting their own battles on the same day for their representative in the Continentals! Boasting a $10,000 dollar prize pool AND the Continental slot, I'd say the battles will be as hard, if not harder, than the top four.

More Information on the tournament can be found on the thread in SC2Sea site.

Who will be the two representatives of Southeast Asia to the Continentals? Only time will tell! Tune in to Mineski.net for more updates regarding the BattleNet World Championships!