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Nosredeiramus takes GMPGL 4-6 LoL

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Written by Jose Mari Item

Whether it rains or shines, nothing can stop the passion of 96 teams competing in GMPGL 4-6 League of Legends tournament, held last July 22, 2012 at Mineski Infinity Morayta.

From the 96 teams, long and intense battles ensued, but only 12 teams survived to make it out of their brackets. Dk kids, Qwerty69, Bearwolves, Na justice Dre?, Wild.TNC, Gods II, Mild, TMA, Nosredeiramus, Angry, Justice, and Gods III. As the carnage continued a sudden upset emerged, as our PH representatives, TMA, and back to back champions, Wild.TNC, were annihilated by Mild and Gods II respectively. It was a truly astonishing moment when both teams fell. Astounded by the turn of eventsm the search for a new champion emerged. Nosredeiramus, Na justice Dre?, Gods II and Gods III rose to compete for the open seat.

During the semi-finals Gods II was matched against their sister team Gods III and Na justice dre? faced off with Nosredeiramus for spots in finals. Knowing each team's strengths and weaknesses, Gods II decided to give the spot at the finals to Gods III, while on the other side of the summoners rift Nosredeiramus demolished Na Justice Dre?, securing them the chance at the finals.

The finals started swiftly, and it was a sore sight for Gods III as Nosredeiramus dominated early game with their level 1 first blood near the blue golem of Gods III. Nosredairamus pressure continued to fall over their opponents, giving them the 1st game of the bo3 finals. Nosredeiramus didn't make any opening for Gods III to recover, once again dominating every lane with their jungler's ganks in the second game, paving the way for a flawless victory for themsleves, making them the GMPGL 4-6 League of Legends Champions!


Nosredeiramus Roster:

Elvis "Knut" Zhao
Yuuki "Nasiez" Tsuchiya
Chock "PizzaKing" Mansilungan
Elijah "Snoyfire Cape" Guerrero
Gilbert "Talangka" Sales
Judge "Quagmire" Gideon


Complete top 8 Finishers

1st P20,000 Nosredeiramus
2nd P10,000 Gods III
3rd P5,000 Gods II
4th P3,000 Na Justice Dre?
5th P1,500 Justice
6th P1,500 Angry
7/8th P1,500 QWERTY
7/8th P1,500 Mild


Will Nosredeiramus defend their title in the next GMPGL? Will Wild TNC and TMA rise again and take their rightful place? Or will there be another unknown team that will conquer GMPGL?