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Tiwala Lang takes DN GMPGL 4-6 crown

Juno Reyes

Despite the massive amount of torrential rains that plagued most of the country last Saturday, July 22, the country's passion for competitive Dragon Nest could not be quelled as several teams from all over the country conitued to brave the storm in order to get to the allocated Mineski Infinity shops just so they could compete in the latest leg of the DN GIGABYE Mineski Pro-Gaming League 4-6. 

Living up to their team name, Tiwala Lang managed to survive a rocky start which featured them being put into a group with two former champions (Smoocy and Friends, and IGIV X), before finally chanelling the power of the storm in order to win the title of this month's best PH Dragon Nest team.

At the grand finals, Tiwala Lang managed to edge out 3 Little Pancho and Big bad Jerwin in order to bag the gold. The two teams would be joined by Team Bahala and Dawlips to round off the final 4 positions. 

Meanwhile, four people won prizes in the raffle side event, which had three DN Shirts and a single Hound Plushie up for grabs. Oliver Baclay won the Most Multikill award, while Arthur Cuevas took home the title of Best Support. The two, along with lucky raffle winner Meeko Elijah Ramos, took home DN Shirts. Norberto Cruz Ramos III, on the other hand, was awarded the MVP award, which got him the Hound Plushie.




Complete top 8 Finishers

1st P20,000 Tiwala Lang
2nd P10,000 3 Little Pancho and Big bad Jerwin
3rd P5,000 Bahala
4th P2,500 Dawlipz
5th P1,500 Fidelisque
6th P1,500 IGIV X
7/8th P1,000 Nazareth
7/8th P1,000 We Don't Care

Individual Winners

MVP Hound Plushie Norberto Cruz Ramos III
Most Multikills DN Shirt Oliver Baclay
Best Support DN Shirt Arthur Cuevas
Raffle Winner DN Shirt Meeko Elijah Ramos


Tiwala Lang's Roster

Norberto Corpuz Ramos III - Alchemist
Meeko Elijah Ramos - Acrobat
Rysher Magbanua - Elemental Lord
Wilfredo Masigno - Priest


Congratulations to all the winners, and watch out for the next leg!