Pacific eMaxx back-to-back GEST champs

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Richardson Jacinto

Badburn or now known as Pacific.Emaxx defended their crown as they've claimed another back-to-back championship by winning GEST July.

After being the back-to-back champions of GIGABYTE MPGL last April and May, Pacific.Emaxx striked while the iron is hot by claiming 2 GEST championships for the months of June and July. Last month it was IZONE who faced Badburn in the finals, this time it's Thailand's Neolution who stood against Pacific.Emaxx.

The road to the finals was not that easy for Pacific.Emaxx. After qualifying for the play-offs (they've placed 2nd on the group stage next to IZONE125), Pacific.Emaxx faced 5 other top Filipino teams and 6 foreign teams. Their first opponent was the Malaysian team, Invasion Red. After they've defeated Invasion Red, they had to face the team who defeated them last GMPGL, the current GMPGL champion, Dreamz.Ledion.SS. After getting their revenge on Dreamz, they had to face the Cambodians, SVR_ES, to secure a spot in the finals. At the finals, they faced Neolution.

We can say that the finals was not something you cannot call a close-fight. Every game was one-sided for the winner of each game. Pacific.Emaxx completely dominated Neolution in the first game and vice versa on the second. But it was Pacific.Emaxx's good call and teamwork that made them win the deciding third match.

With this feat under their belt, Pacific.Emaxx joins MSIEvoGT as the only teams who have double GEST championships.