NCCL first leg recap

Wilson Astorga

It was indeed a successful kick-off for the start of the second season of The National Cyber Collegiate League last July 1.

Mineski Infinity branches Las Piñas, Morayta, Legarda, Taft, Katipunan, ShawCagayan De Oro, Cebu, Dipolog, and Tuguegarao as well as Mineski Portals Cubao, and Sta. Mesa catered a total of 76 participating collegiate teams, to show that they are not just your ordinary students that play DotA for fun.

Here's a quick recap of what's happened during the 1st LEG of the most prestigious inter-collegiate DotA league in the metro, The National Cyber Collegiate League:


Rara and TSW against all odds at Morayta.

After the arrival of 20 teams in Mineski Infinity Morayta, all of them coming from Far Eastern University, it was indeed to be an NCCL leg to remember. When the 8 teams were determined to play for the top 8 singe-elimination matches, team TSW and ELT proved that they are the worthy teams to be at the finals.But when both teams faced each other, TSW (reigning NCCL MI Morayta champions) had another thing in mind, and continued their dominance that started during the group stage matches, to grab the title.

Pino, the top Taft team

8 teams came to join with having only one goal in mind, to be the team that will snatch the title during the first leg in Mineski Infinity Taft. Ti (DLSU), Tarubikal (Saint Paul University), Pino (CSB), and Aral Muna Bago Dota (CSB) were the four remaining teams during the semi-finals, but AMBD and Pino were the much determined teams to go all out for the finals.And when they faced each other, PINO showed their might and pinned down AMBD to grab the top spot.

Mi LP Perps, the champs of LP

During a rainy Sunday in Las Piñas, 6 teams showed up to bring heat inside the warzone of Minesk Infinity Las Piñas for the 1st leg of NCCL. Jaggerz, Magno, Mi LP perps, and SW (MI LP's representative during the 1st season) were the remaining teams vying for the top spot. 

Mi LP Perps and SW eventually took the advantage of their respective matches to advance in the finals. When the best of three finals eventually took place, both teams showed their sheer determination to force a do-or-die third game. But MI LP's successful ganking plays took them to the finish line to win the finals.

TBU, masters of Cebu Collegiate DotA

When Mineski Infinity Cebu opened the registration for the NCCL 1st leg, 12 teams arrived and were then bracketed into three groups consisting of four. During the group stage matches, the 6 teams (USC Warriors, Ninjutso, TBU, Loseless, CBT, and Just Now) that shall advance in the top 6 matches were easily determined because of their stellar performances. 

But in the end, only three teams (USC Warriors, TBU, and Loseless) were the only ones that shall advance in the final group stage match to determine the top three teams. TBU continued their magnificent display of skills by sweeping the other teams in the final group stage match to be declared as champions. And team loseless won against USC Warriors to grab the 2nd spot.

MI Crusaders, CDO's cream of the crop.

Mineski Infinity Cagayan De Oro opened their doors to the six teams that arrived to participate during the 1st leg. Glory to God, POP, MI Crusaders, and Virtus were the four teams to advance for the single elimination semis. POP and MI Crusaders eventually out-matched their respective opponents to go straight to the finals. 

MI Crusaders then continued to showcase their skills during the group stage matches, and eventually claiming the top spot without having any defeats.


Vargas, top collegiate team of Tuguegarao

Even if MI Tuguegarao recently opened to cater the players within the said province, a total of twelve collegiate teams participated in the Tuguegaro leg of the NCCL, which clearly showed the passion of the students in the game. 

One match after the other, the twelve teams were them reduced to half to participate in the single elimination format until the finals. And despite their 2-1 record during the group stage matches, Vargas (FLV) proved their worth after winning the first leg when they won against Wisdom Build (USL) in the finals.

Putapetz, Santa Mesa's crowning glory

Team Putapetz (PUP) proved their worth among the 19 other teams that participated in MI Portal Santa Mesa qualifiers of the NCCL, after grabbing their win during the single elimination finals match against Team Coms Sci All Stars (PUP), a team that didn't have any defeat during their group stage and single elimination race to the finals match. 

It wasn't an easy win for Putapetz because they've faced other undefeated teams like Team (PUP) and Hitz Squad (PUP) before reaching the finals.

Soaring Falcons soared among the others at Legarda B

Led by Ledion.Turboratz player and ADU student Rastee Salvacion, team S'Falcons fought their way to claim the top spot, after having an upset win against team NoHandsUp (TUP).

It wasn't an easy win for the ADU based students as they needed to get two wins against NoHandsUp during the finals. Team NoHandsUp was the top team after the group stage matches.

ScartTobyCute, Shaw's collegiate beasts

16 teams participated for the 4 group stage brackets, only eight teams to advance for the single elimination race to the top, and only 2 teams to decide their fate in the finals at the MI Shaw leg of the NCCL.

Team ScaryTobyCute (RTU) was the top team during the qualifiers, and having a flawless undefeated record until the end.But it was not an easy win for them because they needed to win against team Bomba ng JRU (JRU), a team that also showed a magnificent performance before clinching the last spot for the finals match.

Congratulations to all the winning teams during the 1st Leg of the NCCL Season 2!Can they defend their hard earned title for the upcoming 2nd Leg and retain their top spot?Or will there be a new collegiate team to beat?

Stay tuned as we give you updates of the most explosive and the most prestigious inter-collegiate DotA league in the Philippines, the National Cyber Collegiate League!

For more information regarding the standings and points earned by the collegiate teams at the NCCL, just click the NCCL tab here in our website, and the scoreboard will immediately pop out for your viewing pleasure.


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