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Dione and Phaze on top of GMPGL 4-6 SC2

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As the minds of ruthless warriors of Visayas and Mindanao clashed last July 15, 2012. One warrior from each prevailed and was able to conquer his region's StarCraft2 Community.

In Visayas, Cebu, both Cube.By and Cube.Dione dominated their respective brackets in the first round. In the Semis, both Cube.By and Cube.Dione dominated again their bracket and it seems like the two Zerg Grandmasters are really fated to face each other in the finals and only one survived the battle and that is Cube.Dione who defeated Cube.By, 3-2.

In Mindanao, Cagayan De Oro City, only 3 players joined the SCII GMPGL but this players are well known in the city especially "Ungas", who is well known in the scene of DotA by the people in Mindanao.

Phaze (middle) with GMPGL 4-6 SC2 CDO top 3


But it seems that "Ungas" need to practice more because, Phaze, the Mindanao Bonjwa, had more SC-II experience than him.

In the first round, Phaze dominated the 3 man group leaving Ungas, 1-1 andJheyf, 0-2.

In the finals Phaze easily finished the game between Ungas, 3-0, using his extraordinary micro skills and StarCraft2 experience.

You guys better be ready for the next SCII GMPGL because this guys that I've mentioned are IMBA!