Mineski PowerColor to DCE

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Jhudiel Lopez

Another notch for eSports in the Philippines, the Davao Cyber Games is about to happen this year! Boasting their more than five years of successful expos, the DCE will be coming back and stepping it for Mindanao! What should we expect this year?

DoTA & HoN Competition
Two of the arguably hottest games in the ARTS Genre, DotA and HoN will of course be in the event to see what talented cyber athletes are capable of in Mindanao. And yes, it has been confirmed that Mineski.PowerColor will be flying out to compete in the Top 8 Grand Finals, forfeiting their slot for this month's GMPGL.

Davao, are you ready for Mineski PowerColor?


A staple of the DCE, the Lan Party Extreme encourages all PC enthusiasts to come and show us their extreme rigs. Marvel at the awesome Setups, compete in the Call of Duty 4 tournament and even win Prizes!

TechXtreme Exhibits!
Top Computer manufacturers will also be coming in to show their newest and greatest technologies developed! These components might come into the market later but for now, you can inquire about them and see how awesome the near future will be!

Cosplay Grand Championships!
Last Year's guest, Alodia, graced the DCE with her stunning cosplay. This year, however, will be a surprise guest! Who will it be? Either way the contest will be going on for the most awesome cosplay around the land to win a Brand new Rig!

Street Fighter 4 Challenge!
ASuS will be sponsoring two tournaments in the DCE. First up is the FGC's Street Fighter 4. A battle of wits and reaction time in this next generation fighting game, this should prove to be exciting.

NBA 2k12 Challenge!
Another tournament in the DCE lineup, NBA 2012 is going to be hot in terms of competition as these crop of cyberballers go out and show us what they've got!

There will be plenty more stuff for the Davao Cyber Expo this coming July 28-29 so be sure to tune in and see all the awesome happenings in Mindanao! For more information, check out their homepage.