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The Intensity of MSI Overdrive

Wilson Astorga

The recently concluded event, MSI Overdrive: E-Sports Intensified in SM North Edsa last weekened proved to be another great eSports event for the Philippines. A great number of crowds gathered around on all three days to witness the festivities surrounding the rising stars of Philippine eSports. Aside from this, a number of great cosplayers attending the event gave everyone, even non-players, reason to support the crowd. With Alodia Gosiengfiao, Boy Backup and even Spongecola fronting their support the crowd cheered harder for their favorite Starcraft 2, DotA, Battlefield 3 and Crossfire players.

Truly, this is one of the most extravagant E-Sports event this year.


FNATIC dominated BENQ-Mineski in the SC 2 games.

(From L-R: Ark, Alodia, Benq-Mski.Jabito and Stellar, Fnatic SC 2 Byul and Rain, Eri Neeman)

When FNATIC's very own Korean SC2 players Byul (Zerg) and Rain (Terran) fought Benq-Mineski's very own Stellar (Zerg) and Jabito (Terran) for the Starcraft 2 all-stars during a best-of-3 format, both Koreans displayed their prowess in the competitive gaming of SC2 by winning against the Philippine SC2 All-Stars. Having a 2-0 score by both players, these ByuL and Rain proves that Korea is still the gaming mecha for eSports. And even though our representatives didn't get a win against the FNATIC players, all matches were impressive and jaw-dropping in their own ways, as the four players showed their IMBA macro skills and decisive strategies in SC2. Both BenQ-Mineski Stellar and Jabito received the Beat It! All-Star jerseys, personalized MSI dog tags, and a SteelSeries Zboard SC2 keyboard.

Come Back Victory by Team Julz in the DotA All-Stars.

(The 10 DotA All-Stars of the country)

The top 10 DotA players in the Philippines had been decided based from fan votes as well as from various organizers. Jules (top 1) and Bimbo (Top 2) were the chosen players to be the captains of the two all-star squad. When Julz and Bimbo both made their choices (Santino, Bayabas, Jyc, and Jovensanity and KimoPaseoRR, and Wootz respectively), it was expected that their best-of-three showdown is something to watch out for.

Game 1 was an obvious win for Team Bimbo because of their hero picks and proper ganking executions, which showed their veteran presence throughout the first game. Game 2 commenced and both teams really showed their will to win, especially by Team Bimbo so that they can secure their victory. But Team Julz had other plans and forced their way to overcome Team Bimbo by making their Magina (Santino) outlast every clash and ganks during the whole game, which made them win the game. Game 3 was set and it was a do-or-die match to look-out for unlike any other tournaments that the players experienced before. Both teams soon had the chemistry that they all needed, but Team Julz took the upper-hand the whole game that made them the champions.

Champion: AllStar.TurboDrive (5 MSI All-Star Jerseys &  5 dog tags, Php 5,000, & 5 SteelSeries Sensei laser mice)
1st Runner - Up: AllStar.OcGenie (5 MSI All-Star Jerseys & 5 MSI dog tags)

*Replays Here

Team Lamia, winner of the League of Legends All-Stars.

Lamia [left] and Pheilox [right] picking their line-up)

After the Top 8 LOL Players have been decided, Lamia and Pheilox of FNATIC LoL then chose their teammates for their showcase match in front of the big crowd during the Saturday Leg of the MSI Overdrive. And when both players made their picks, (wild zlk.tncwild krl.tncmelonjus, and gortzak for Team Lamia. And wild jrd.tnc, MLE.Kaigu, MLE.MiseryMLE.Vyy, and Cholonglakas for Team Pheilox) the stage was set for them as the crowd from the venue, and those in the livestream prepared their eyes for a LoL match that they will never forget. The match really showed the professionalism from both sides as they never get too carried away during the game's early minutes. But as the game progressed, Team Lamia out-lasted Team Pheilox on every team clash that commenced, which eventually made Team Lamia the winners of the show match.

Champion: Team Lamia (5 MSI All-Star Jerseys & 5 MSI dog tags, Php 5,000, & 5 SteelSeries Zboard keyboard)
1st Runner-Up: Team Pheilox (5 MSI All-Star Jerseys & 5 MSI dog tags)

MSI Overdrive Tournament:

eXo.Blazer lone king of the SC2 Overdrive!

in the center, alongside with FNATIC Byul and Rain)

32 participating players, 2 days of intense action, 1 champion in the end. MSI Overdrive's SC2 showed the prowess of the players in terms of their macro gaming skills. When the 8 players (Pacific.XenosDevastatorPacific.NuksMski.SangrealeXo.TriggerMSIEvo.DaneShin, and eXo.Blazer) were determined for the best of three top 8 matches after 8 different group stage matches. Pacific.Xenos and eXo.Blazer were the last two players that remained fighting, and immediately faced-off in the finals. The finals match between the two players was indeed a sight to see by everyone in the venue because it was a Terran versus Terran match-up. eXo.Blazer outsmarted Pacific.Xenos in the first game, making blazer the winner. Second game immediately commenced, and Blazer didn't waste any opportunity nor giving Xenos a second chance for a do-or-die game. Blazer gained momentum and won against Xenos.

Champion: eXo.Blazer (Php 5,000.00 & SteelSeries QcK SC II Limited Edition Mousepad)
1st Runner-Up: Pacific.Xenos (Php 3,000)

Wara, champions of Gameclub and MSI's Crossfire Event.

(Team Wara all smiles after receiving their trophy and prizes)

When dozens of teams participated at the Crossfire qualifying tournament at Mineski Infinity Morayta before the MSI Overdrive, only two teams remained to be strong and determined during the last day of the Overdrive after they've qualified. Renowned Crossfire team Wara and Laqs then faced each other off during the finals match for the grand prize. And both teams did show to everyone that they are worthy of their spots as their best-of-three championship match reached a do-or-die third game. It was a very intense game between the two teams, but team  Wara over-powered Laqs in the third game that made them the chamions.

Champion: Wara (Php 20,000 & 5x SteelSeries QcK+ Fnatic Limited Edition Mousepad)
1st Runner-Up: Laqs (Php 10,000)

Wild.TNC kings of LOL invitational!

(Team Wild
with FNATIC LOL, as Jrd raises their trophy)

When Team Wild-TNC, Bida Gaming, Prime, DK, Juz, Chunky, Manila Aguilaz, and Iloilo's pride Team Laya Gaming were given a chance to participate at the MSI Overdrive LOL invitational tournament, the teams nonetheless showed to every one that watched their games in the venue or live stream the reason on why they were invited to participate and compete with each other. But one match after the other, Wild-TheNet.Com were the team that stood among all others and claimed the title against the 7 other teams. Their performance in the said invitationals was a true testament of their power, and a valid proof of their worth as the top LOL team today.

Champion: Wild-TheNet.Com (Php 20,000 & 5 SteelSeries QcK+ SK Gaming Limited Edition Mousepad)

Wild-TNC Roster:
Karlo Sarmiento: wildKrl.tnc
Jordan Chavez Jose: wildJrd.tnc
Zherluck Tolentino: wildZlk.tnc
Jyro Pascual: wildShn.tnc
Stephen Doron: wildGtz.tnc

MSIEvoGT, Overdrive's DotA champs.

with the MSI representatives, and shoutcasters Tryq and Lon)

After 10 qualifying tournaments that happened all around the known cyber cafes in the Metro dating way back last April, which catered hundreds and hundreds of teams, only 32 teams came out strong from every leg to have a once-in-a-lifetime chance of competing on a prestigious event, with the best teams around for glory and honour. And when the 32 team single elimination format commenced during the 2nd day of the overdrive up to the third and last day that commenced a group stage format for the top 8, only 2 teams remained standing amidst all odds so that they can compete in the championship. 

Known to be as a top team in the country, MSI Evolution Gaming Team (MSIEvoGT) proved to be dominant in their group stage match, as they advanced to the finals match without having any defeat. While on the other group stage match, Apple Park B was the team to grab the last spot, while having no defeats, and topping crowd favorites Pacific.eMaxx (formerly BadBurn) & Mineski.PowerColor.

Game one of the finals commenced, and team Apple Park B proved to MSIEvoGt that their monicker as the "legend killers" during the tournament is not by chance. And with the help of their core hero  Dragon Knight (DK), they managed to gain momentum and eventually winning the first game. Game two immediately commenced, and MSIEvoGt used DK, a hero that made them loose the first game, against Apple Park B, alongside with  Nerubian Weaver and  Puck as their main line of heroes. Because of this, Apple Park B was unmatched and lost against them, despite using  Nevermore as their main carry hero.

Game three was indeed a match to be rememebred because it was set to be a do-or-die game that will determine the champions of The MSI Overdrive DotA tournament. MSIEvoGt took advantage of the momentum that they've gained during the second game, and out-smarted Apple Park on almost every part of the game. MSIEvoGt never looked back and continued to push and break Apple Park B's defenses back, that forced Apple Park to make a GG call, making MSIEvoGt the champions of the DotA tournament.

Champion: MsiEvoGt (Php 75,000 + SteelSeries QcK MASS Gank Edition Mousep)
1st Runner-Up: Apple Park B (Php 25,000)

MsiEvoGt Roster:

Kimuel Rodis: MSIevoGTk1moTnC
Hiroshi Iimura: MSIevoGTrArATnC
Angelo Docosin: MSIevoGTdocTnC
Max Arokiasamy: MSIevoGTtAkTnC
Doa Bondal: MSIevoGTnaEjTnC

*Replays Here

Once again, CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners of The Msi Overdrive: E-Sports Intensified 2012 tournament! The event was indeed something worth remembering by all of those who've witnessed the epic battles on the venue, and via live stream. Relieve and watch the epic 3-day affair again on MineskiTv!