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MSI Overdrive to set the roof on fire this Fri-Sun

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Richardson Jacinto

Perhaps the most awaited Philippine eSports event in this time of the year, MSI Overdrive 2012 brings together the best professional gamers in the country from various genres and disciplines to showcase their skill, wit and unmatched talent before a wild crowd of eSports fanatics. The event is not limited to that however, casuals are also in for a treat with a plethora of fun activities.



Dota Tournament 2012

The Grand Finals


To tickle your eSport bones, Dota has always been the biggest eSports in the country so MSI brings you one of the biggest DOTA tournament in the country. Featuring P100K prize-pool as well as well-known teams such as Dreamz Ledion SteelSeries, Mineski PowerColor, MSI Evolution GT, Pacific Palit, Pacific Badburn, and Sweetopia. Fans and Players are in for a thrilling ride as this battle for the top will be unlike any other.


Php 75,000.00
PLUS SteelSeries QcK MASS Gank Edition Mousepad

PhP 25,000.00

Seeded Teams:

- Champions of the past 10 summer qualifier legs

- Runner-ups of the past 6 OPEN summer qualifier legs

The rest of the qualified teams will draw on-site to determine their opponent.


Round of 32 - Single Elimination

Round of 16 - Single Elimination

Quarterfinals - Group Stage, 2 Groups of 4, Top 2 Advance

Grand Finals - Best of Three


Call time for participating teams is 10AM on all days.

Friday, Day 1 - WildCard Tournament

Saturday, Day 2 - Round of 32

Sunday, Day 3 - Round of 16 to Grand Finals


StarCraft II Tournament


If you're a fan of Real-time strategy games don't hang up ust yet. The most fast-paced and the biggest RTS game also invades MSI Overdrive. Everyone should be prepared to witness the craziest and most intense macro/micro battle from our keyboard warriors. Fans will surely see some crazy strategies from the sharpest snipe to the weirdest kind of "mutiny". In the MSI Overdrive, everyone will see chess in warpspeed being played in the highest level. 


Php 5,000.00
PLUS SteelSeries QcK StarCraft II Limited Edition Mousepad

PhP 3,000.00


Round of 32 - Group Stage

Round of 16 - Single Elimination

Grand Finals - Best of Three


Call time for participating teams is 10AM on all days.

Saturday, Day 2 - Round of 32 to Quarterfinals

Sunday, Day 3 - Semifinals to Grand Finals


League of Legends



Pinoy summoners, get ready to be sent through a wild ride with the gods that you would wish it lasts forever. Eight of the best Philippine LoL teams will rampage on stage to test their limits and acquire their just reward. Remember kids, this isn't your ordinary MOBA* game. So for the newbies out there, watch and learn.

*MOBA - Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

Teams Invited

- Bida Gaming
- WILD-TheNet.Com
- Prime
- DK
- Juz
- Chunky
- Manila Aguilas
- Team Laya Gaming (Iloilo)



Php 20,000.00
PLUS 5x SteelSeries QcK+ SK Gaming Limited Edition Mousepad


Round of 8 - Single Elimination

Grand Finals - Best of Three


Sunday, Day 3 - Round of 8 to Grand Finals


Crossfire Tournament


MSI surely brings the action home as they've also got one of the biggest FPS game in the country, crossfire. Bullets will fly to and fro but one thing is for sure, This tournament will be one hell of a ride as best teams from the country will trade guns and bullets to claim the top spot. 


Php 20,000.00
PLUS 5x SteelSeries QcK+ Fnatic Limited Edition Mousepad

1st Runner-up
PhP 10,000.00

2nd Runner-up
PhP 5,000.00


Single Elimination

Grand Finals - Best of Three


Call time for participating teams is 10AM on all days.

Saturday, Day 2 - Round 1 to Semifinals

Sunday, Day 3 - Grand Finals



Ultimate Rig Showdown


Wanting to showcase your IMBA rig? This is your chance, flaunt and taunt everyone as you can showcase and join MSI Ultimate Rig Showdown, This is open for Rig-Nerds, Newbies and casual rig modifiers that wants to showcase their bad boys. The most Imba rigs can win imba awards from Aerocool and MSI.

General Rules:
  1. This is an open case modding challenge.
  2. You can check the list of Qualified Riggers here
  3. However, additional points will be given to those using MSI and Aerocool products.


Best Rig - Aerocool Syclone II Black

People's Choice - Aerocool Strike X One

Special Citation, Best Aerocool Display - Aerocool Strike X GT

Schedule: Friday, Day 1



Diablo 3 Time Attack


Calling all Nephalems and Champions alike, it's time for the FIRST-EVER Diablo 3 event in the country. Can you prove you have the best strategy?, can your arrows fly faster than the tick of the clock? Prove it to us, Join the MSI's Diablo 3 Time attack.

General Rules:

  1. Make a group composed of 4 players (No players of the same class)
  2. Kill the mysterious boss
  3. Fastest time record will win
  4. List of PRIORITIZED teams here


Champions: 4 SteelSeries Diablo III Mice

Runner-ups : 4 SteelSeries Diablo III Mouse pad


LoL Beat It! (Pheilox & Lamia)


MSI will make one of your wildest dreams come to life, Ever dreamt of playing WITH a pro? This is your chance to grab that dream. MSI brings Pheilox and Lamia from one of the best LoL team in the world, Fnatic. All-star nominees will have the chance to play with them in an exhibition match. What's cooler than that?

General Rules:

Among the best LoL players, we've chosed the All-Star Nominees

Pheilox and Lamia will be the captains of each team

Captains will draft their team members from the  All-Stars (determined by votes)


Finalists will win an exclusive "MSI Beat-It" Jersey and personalized Dog tag

Winning team of the exhibition match will get P5000 and SteelSeries ZBoard Keyboard


SC2 Beat It! (Rain & ByuL)


The top keyboard warriors has already been chosen and this time it'll be against Top Korean progamers from Fnatic. Watch the history unfolds as the filipino bonjwa, BenQMski.Stellar goes for his revenge against the Korean who defeated him last year, Fnatic.Rain and The Filipino Terran Prince fight the Korean Zerg, ByuL. The newest MSI SC2 player will be baptized by fire as MSIEvoGT.Dane will be facing an opponent of his own choice. North Edsa will surely see some intense battle on this exhibition matches.



BenQMski.Stellar vs FnaticRC.Rain

BenQMski.JaBiTo vs FnaticRC.ByuL

MSIEvoGT.Dane vs FnaticRC.(Dane's choice)


Finalists will win an exclusive "MSI Beat-It" Jersey and personalized Dog tag


DotA Beat It! (Julz & Jay)


Ever thought of making a dream team where your favorite Dota superstar plays along with your other favorite players? Here is your time to witness what happen when Top players from different teams team-up and play with each other in an DOTA All-Star Dream teams exhibition match. The captains are already been chosen. It'll be Dreamz.Ledion.SS' Julz and Mineski Powercolor's Jay, The fate of your dream team is on their hands.

General Rules:

Captains will draft their team members alternately from the All-Star rosters



Finalists will win an exclusive "MSI Beat-It" Jersey and personalized Dog tag

Winning team of the exhibition match will get P5000 and SteelSeries Sensei Laser Mouse




Time to Dress-Up and make North Edsa Philippines' Harajuku. Cosplayers are in for a treat as MSI will bring cosplay madness in MSI OverDrive!. This is your chance to show your coolest cosplay as the Cosplay Goddess, Alodia Gosiengfiao, will be there herself to judge the event. 


General Rules:

Among the Cosplayers we've already chose cosplayers for each category

Look at the list here


Best Male: P2000

Runner-up (male): P1000

Best Female:P2000

Runner-up (female): P1000


iDate Kpop Dance


Show us that you can move to the groove of the hottest K-Pop song and join iDate's Kpop Dance Showdown. Dancers from all over the metro will gather around to show their Filipino-style kpop dance. Better get those placards and glow sticks ready and cheer for your favorite dance crew. Join the Hallyu Fever!


General Rules:

 Song must be strictly from the Original i-Date Playlist

Each group will be given 3 to 5 minutes to perform.

Costumes and Props Limitations – Must be dressed like i-Date Characters (i.e. in K-pop fashion). Costumes must not be offensive, revealing, see-through, skimpy and malicious.

Players must bring their outfit (must be worn during the program on July 7, 2012 2:00 to 3:00 pm at 4/F Annex Event Area, SM City North EDSA).

Players must bring the printed copy of the confirmation email to verify his/her registration.

Onsite registration/verification is from 10AM to 12NN only of July 7, 2012. Registrants arriving after the same timewill no longer be entertained.

Act Limitations–Throwing and cursing to competitors are strictly prohibited.



Champion : P5000

Runner-up : P3000

2nd Runner-up: P1,500


Battlefield Tournament

The biggest Online FPS game will be landing on MSI overdrive as MSI brings you BattleField 3 Challenge. Prepare for an action-packed 5v5 tournament that will surely send chills to your bones. Players should be ready and geared-up as MSI steps on full throttle on this war-themed game. Are you ready to enter the Battle Field?



Eight-Teams Single Elimination Match

5 versus 5 

Game Type: Conquest

Conquest 16p Small Type, [number of tickets vary per map]


• Punkbuster: ON

• Friendly Fire: ON

• Team Balance: OFF

• Killcam: OFF

• Minimap: ON

• 3rd Person Vehicle Cameras: ON

• Crosshair: ON

• 3D Spotting: OFF

• Mini Map Spotting: ON

• Hardcore: OFF

• Regenerate Health: ON

• Ticket Ratio: Default (250 and 300 depending on map)

• Start Delay: 60s (default 30s)

• Vehicles: ON

• Vehicles Spawn Time: 100% (default)

• Spawn only on Squad Leader: OFF

• Single Eliminations



Grand Bazaar

Siene Crossing


Victory Conditions: A Match is complete when both rounds are over. The total score, based on 

remaining tickets at the end of each round, will determine the winner.


Banned Items:

AUG A3, L86A2, M417, JNG-90, SPAS-12, 


Game Exploits and Violations: It is illegal to intentionally utilize any game exploits for the 

purpose of generating a competitive advantage. Officials have discretion to determine the 

intention and extent of the violation and Penalty.


Champion: 5 Units of SteelSeries kinzu V2 Mice

Runner-Up: 5 Units of SteelSeries Qck MASS Mousepads


Special Guests

This is event will surely be hotter as MSI will throw some celebrities to join us in this eSports event. The Cosplay Goddess, Alodia Gosiengfiao is present to judge the cosplay and host the event as well alongside, Eri Neeman or popularly known as Boy Back-up. BOOM! Also be prepared to be serenaded by one of the hottest rock group in the country, SpongeCola. So what are you waiting for? Mark the dates: July6-8 at the 4th flr. SM City North Edsa Annex and join in this Hot eSport event brought to you by MSI.


Just to recap...

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