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Stellar & JaBi secure SEA Open spots

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Richardson Jacinto

16 Players, 2 slots, 1 battle for pride and glory. As the dust was settled, 2 players emerged from the ashes. The Philippines finest, BenQ's and Mineski's own Stellar and JaBiTo.

Blizzard's StarCraf2 World Championship Series is fast coming and the Philippines was given 2 slots for the SEA Open. Sunday, July 1, marks the battle to know who will become Philippines representatives.

Sunday was an action-packed roller coaster ride as many rising stars made it into the qualifiers such as Axinz, Dane, and Xenos and our brothers from the south such as By,Dione and Payaso will face the luzon stars. For fans and players this is an event you will certainly don't wanna miss.

BenQMskiStellar formerly known as EnDerr is the crowd favorite to take the first slot so most of the fans only waits for who will be the other one. Stellar did not disappoint the fans as he placed himself into the pedestal with such ease. He managed to win the slot without even dropping a single game living to his name as the Filipino Bonjwa.

But the highlight for this tournament is JaBiTo's journey to the top. He certainly claimed the right to be named as the best terran in the country as he won an international tournament already defeating big names like revenant and iaguz after his switch to terran but the filipino rising stars was fast approaching and did became a threat for his spot.

He did won against his first opponent with a perfect run but his first obstacle is to get pass a well-known broodwar player, SteelHeart or commonly known in SC2 as CubeBy.

JaBiTo withstand the pressure of a great opponent infront of him and won against By but this is just the start as he will face a Luzon Class A and a Class S player.

JaBito's next opponent is Xenos, A one-time GMPGL CDO champion and a player who's playing a decent run on Class A tournament in luzon.

The first game is a controversial one as JaBiTo disconnected at the time Pacific.Xenos' all-in Army is coming. The judges has to decide on what they saw at the match and the ruling went to Xenos as JaBiTo was behind in army/workers and research.

The second match was ruled again by the judges as JaBiTo once again disconnected from the game but this time it's his win as Xenos' once again tried to all-in JaBiTo but JaBiTo is well-prepared this time and fended off Xenos' first wave. The economic advantage is so big that the judges ruled it a win instead of a regame. JaBiTo pushed the series to a 3rd game.

3rd game went smoothly and the players played a very close game. JaBito's great decision making defended Xeno's tanks and marines contain push thus making him behind economically. At the latter part of the game both players ran into a base trade but JaBiTo's defense on his natural and main made the big difference resulting for JaBiTo to win the series.

His next opponent is an opponent not new to him, it's his greatest rival, BenQMskiStellar. Stellar sent JaBiTo to the loser's bracket when he've completely dominated JaBiTo in a 2-0 series.

On the Loser's Bracket Finals JaBiTo faced his prodigy, his student, a Class S luzon player, MskiDane.

On the other hand, Dane clawed his way to earn the spot as he was dropped to the LB when Dione defeated him on his first match. Thus the fire of revenge was seen on Dane's games. Dane got his revenge on his PGF's loss as he defeated By on his first LB match he then showed his TvP brilliance as he defeated 2 of the best protoss in the country, ExoMegsyo and MskiPobbes. He then defeated another Class S player, Polka Dodge to earn a spot in the LB Finals where he faced his master, JaBiTo.

JaBito and Dane's series would be the Highlight of the tournament as both players showed great prowess and great decision making. but experience really took it's toll. JaBiTo took the match with a 2-0 but Dane proved that he's now a player that can be a threat to JaBiTo.

BenQMskiJaBiTo and BenQMskiStellar will now fly to Singapore to join the SEA Open for the StarCraft 2 World Championship Series. Join us as we embark on this journey. Support the Philippine StarCraft 2 players.


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