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Mski PColor, Dreamz and 4ever mark their names on MIOT Legarda

Juno Reyes

A little less than a week ago, as Mineski Infinity Legarda opened its doors to Pinoy gamers, Mineski, in tandem with Electronics giant BenQ, showcased the biggest Mineski Infinity Opening Tournament that the Philippines has seen so far. 

BenQ MIOT Legarda, which was held from June 27 to July 1 and featured a prize pool of 30,000 PHP distributed over , will certainly go down in the eSports history books as one of the hottest and most competitive tournaments for an opening cyber cafe in the country!


But before everything else, the BenQ brand ambassadors of the Philippines, Paolo 'JaBiTo' Javier and Caviar 'Stellar' Acampado show to everyone why BenQ monitors are the best for competitive gaming:


Team 4ever claims LoL championship


Team 4ever managed to best 31 other teams in the very first League of Legends tournament held within MI Legarda. As if this wasn't a big enough feat for them, add to this the fact that they managed to defeat Gods II (the team that eliminated back-to-back LoL GMPGL champs TnC.Wild in the round of 8) in the final stages of the tourney, to secure the championship.

Team 4ever and Gods II were joined in the top 4 places by Justice and Gods III, who were both eliminated in the semis.


Mineski dominates Dota2 leg



As a makeshift preamble to the looming WC3 DotA -> Dota2 transition, the people from the Mineski Events-Team once again dedicated time and a huge portion of the MIOT in order to give the people, not only a taste of what is to come in the future of eSports, but also to provide them a proving/battlegrounds of sorts.

In what could be a telling sign of what is to come, Mineski PowerColor, one of the biggest names in the local DotA scene, decided to forgo the WC3 DotA portion, in order to focus on Dota2. Later on, it would be apparent that this decision was a well though-out one, as Mineski overpowered Team Coerce (composed of 2 MSIEvoGT Dota 2 players Vash and Cast, and 2 Mineski HyperX members, SEL and Fox) in the finals, taking home the entire 10,000 PHP prize for Dota2. 

Ballstar and FRD were the two other teams that managed to eke out a top 4 finish.


Dreamz extend WC3 DotA reign



But at the end of the day, the main event remains the same: WC3 DotA. Despite the impending transition to Dota2, the heart remains at the grandfather of the MOBA/ARTS genre, as over 100 teams participated in the DotA portion of BenQ MIOT Legarda. This turnout is so big that it is comparable to the GMPGL Luzon DotA turnouts!

Speaking of GMPGL, it's the reigning GMPGL champions, Dreamz Ledion SS that flaunted their superiority as they emerged on top of the brackets, not losing a single game in the single-elimination tournament on their way to the title. 

Dreamz defeated another Class S team, Pacific Palit, in the grand finals, while Sweetopia and Kensen finished third and fourth respectively.


Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you to all those who participated. But of course, keep in mind that seeing as this is a MIOT, this is only the beginning. Mineski looks forward to even more gamers to frequent MI Legarda!