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MSI Overdrive Crossfire Tournament

Wilson Astorga

CROSS FIRE IS BACK! And yes, when we say its back, the warzone shall be filled with empty magazines, bullet holes, and empty slugs once again for all of you FPS fanatics out there! MSI Philippines, in cooperation with Gameclub, will feed your fps hunger with a CrossFire tournament like no other during the culminating festivities of the MSI Overdrive: E-Sports Intensified 2012.

On July 7 and 8, at the 4th floor of the SM North Edsa Cyberzone, the top 8 FPS teams from around the Metro shall battle it all out once again for supremacy. And with a total prize pool of Php 35,000 plus other giveaways, any fps team wouldn't want to miss this rare opportunity pass their way right? But before any team can join, a qualifying tournament shall be held in order to determine the 8 worthy teams to play against each other at the culminating week of the MSI Overdrive: E-Sports Intensified 2012.




Venue: Mineski Infinity Morayta
Date: July 1, 2012
Time Start: 10:30 AM
Maximum number of participating Teams: 32
Check in time for PRIORITY TEAMS: 8:00AM - 9:00AM
Check in time for Wait listed teams: 9:00AM - 9:30AM
Tournament Format: Single Elimination (Round of 32 and Round of 16)

*ONLY 8 TEAMS will advance to the finals on July 7 and 8, 2012, at the 4th floor of the SM City North Edsa Cyberzone.

Priority Teams

1. YaMaZeN
8. DkGaming
9. Team OPSS
11. AllStarS
12. ProMovEs
13. BullShine II
14. Devilzoan 
15. RAWR
16. Catz-1
17. Catz-2
18. Macta Infirma II
19. Rakpinas
20. Team BullShine
21. Semi Pro
22. Ghiespot
23. WarriorsFPS
24. Fairview Gaming
25. Wara
26. Macta Infirma 3
27. Saintz
28. Kdot
29. SiNDiK4TO
30. 3rdflrboys
31. LaQsWTD
32. M4yhem

Wait Listed:

33. zappaOYE
34. BlinKControL
35. Warriors
36. Kd0t
37. TABS
38. larolang
39. Zkiah
41. PSG
42. lakbakxD
45. Entourage 1
46. Beeraderos
47. BatibotGaming
48. LionHunters
49. Samarenio
51. 1NF0RCE
52. MostSufficientIntelligence
53. Km4
54. Km4kidz
55. FragOlstah
56. SkClan
57. AlphaSquadFTW
58. NavotasELITEasik
59. REDStreet
61. BLackHawK101
62. TeamRecycle
63. ClownEmpire
64. McRuZbOiZ
65. OTWsir
66. TeaMjoFFre
67. AdventureTime
68. 6thdivisi0n
69. TFCaValieR
70. Crusad3rz
71. izodfury
72. MadridSquad
73. KoRdOvAnHoN
74. GKP-Muvs
75. TeamKapamilya
76. Akeisha
77. Vanguard Gaming 2
79. PirateMarine
80. IamWara
81. ProjectCc
82. XtremePride
83. BaSicMoVes
84. 7thDemon
85. Killercorp
86. parkside
87. OTWsir
88. alpharecon
89. FG
90. Xp4nt3rs
91. OTWsir
92. RebirthGG
93. z6Gaming
94. killer jmbd
95. PROpampanga
96. NGX
97. xOutLaw
98. CyberMD
99. PrimeraKlase
100. Dragon
101. KR3ATOR
102. Chamito
103. 3Dgaming
104. NGX
105. Stealth
106. SaBLay4T4
107. DirtyGaming
108. The MovezZz
109. Inquisition




Online Pre-Registration: June 14 – June 29, 2012

1. Go to MSI Philippines Facebook™ fanpage. Hit "like" if you are not yet a fan.
2. Click "Notes" and search for the "MSI Overdrive Crossfire Tournament" post or simply click here.
3. Register at the comment thread below the note by using this format;


Team Name: Military Shooter
Contact Person: Raymund Faustino
E-mail: [email protected]
Contact Number: 09275552222

Walk-In Registration:

1. Walk-In applicants are very welcome during the day of the event, if there are remaining slots available.
2. All team members should present during the walk-in application
3. Walk-in registration is a First Come First Served Basis.



Full Rules and Regulations:



1. Any sign of cheating may result in the forfeiture of the game leading to disqualification from the event.
2. In the case of a computer / monitor malfunction, the game may be restarted from the beginning, with the approval of the CF marshal of the event.
3. If a player fails to report to their assigned station within grace period upon the match’s announcement (15 minutes), s/he will forfeit the match.
4.  In the event of a situation not covered by the aforementioned rules, tournament organizers will convene and make a decision on the issue, in keeping with the spirit of a just tournament and in the interest of fairness




1. Players may provide their own mouse, keyboard, headset and mousepad.
2. Players may not use a wireless headset or a headset that requires an outlet power.
3. Mice and keyboards must utilize standard USB interfaces. Players may not use PS2 interface equipment.
4. Players must not use 3rd party add-ons.
5. Players may not alter game files or modify drivers.
6. Players must not disable the “Save all Replays” gameplay option, remove replay, or copy a replay.
7. Players may not watch a replay after or between games.
8. Players may not have applications, browsers, or steams open other than CF launcher or application and any necessary drivers.




1. Must have an existing Crossfire PH account.
2. Should consist of 5 members in 1 team (1 Team Leader plus 4 members).
3. Should be 14 yrs. old and above.
4. Participants are required to register with their real name, username, valid email and must present 1 valid ID and a photocopy of their birth certificate. For minors (14 to 17 years old), they should provide parent’s consent with parent’s signature and ID.
5. Minors with no requirements will not be accepted.


Which teams will advance for another glorious day to have a chance to take home the glory of being proclaimed as champions in the MSI Overdrive CrossFire tournament?

For further questions and concerns, just visit the Facebook™ Page of MSI Philippines, and look for the note regarding the Cross Fire Tournament.

*Photo used courtesy of MSI Philippines.