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"Once a penguin, always a penguin", this is the famous motto of Happyfeet (now more commonly known as Mineski Powercolor) and today we gladly announce that this motto lives on as John "JoJeRo" Roxas will now offically come back to the official roster of Mineski PowerColor.

On a post on their fanpage, it was stated, "new roster wootz ,owa , rr ,bimbo and john a.k.a jojero Champion n ulit :)" so we asked Nattefrost, Mineski Powercolor's manager, if this is true. He told us that this is indeed true. He said that:

"Happyfeet founder, Mski.Jerry, has recently decided that Nando will be replaced by John. The main reason is because he failed to acquire his passport. Mski.Jerry provided all what he can for Nando to complete his papers but never coordinated very well.

On the other hand, John will be playing with us again. He will prove to us that he deserves this second chance. If Rhom (Mineski-CEO) gave a second chance to Yukz back then, why not give John a shot right?"


New official roster for Mineski.Powercolor will be :

 James Kenneth "Wootz" Inabangan

 Joshua "Owa" Dela Serna

 Ryan Jay "Bimbo" Qui

 Ralph Richard "RR" Peñano

 John "JoJeRo" Roxas


Remember that Mineski Powercolor is on the class A next GMPGL. Will this roster change be enough for them to regain the Class S glory? Stay tuned on for more updates.

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