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BenQ XL2420T - Monitor Guide for Dota 2

Dexter Ancheta

Monitors have always been with computers since the early days of the computer. Serving as a tool for humans to see what the computer displays or visualizes, it has brought the world the most colorful imaginations programmers from all over the world had to offer. Without the monitors, the computer age would be never what it is today.

Today in the modern world, we are at the computer age where monitors are almost everywhere. From fast food restaurants to universities and colleges, there are bound to be monitors which seem to be slowly replacing traditional means such as bulletin boards, menus and catalogs. However, One IT company is in the biggest lead today in terms of monitor production, BenQ.

One of their latest product line is the XL2420T. Fine tuned for the most hardcore gamers, the XL2420T has brought gaming vision to the fullest with features only found in BenQ's technology. With so many games being brought out by various developers, BenQ has been keeping up with the fast-paced industry.

One of the popular games titles, Dota 2, has received a lot of attention from hardware manufacturers. Being one of the most competitive titles with millions of dollars on the line annually, getting the best monitor is a must to get the edge on winning.


 The Perfect XL2420T Dota 2 Setting

 Dota 2's graphics can be challenging to some while for others it can simply set in for their eyes. Below is a sample of how Dota 2 looks like overview and up close:


And that is only when no battles are happening and when you are on the “Radiant” side (supposedly the good guys in the game; “Dire” (their base pictured below) being the villains – but this isn't about lore).




Notice how the game presents the player very bright colors being on the Radiant side while the Dire side presents a dark theme. While playing, one of the most important thing to take note is the game MUST be comfortable for your eyes all through out especially when you plan on massing games.



Recommended Monitor Settings:

 Brightness – 85-100

As a player willing to commit himself into winning games as much as he can, you must adjust your BenQ monitor according to your environment. The brightness setting is the most important of all the options since it is basically how much the monitor is lit up. Playing in a well-lit room, you can have the brightness setting all the way up to 100. This makes sure that you would not be missing any detail from the game. If you are one of the dark room types, better lower that setting to around 85 as it may be very harmful for your eyes.


Contrast – 40-65

Next to brightness is the contrast setting. This affects your vision on the “fog of war” and how much colors pop up from your display. Simply play around the values between 40 and 65 as this is pretty much depends on how you want your game to look like in terms of the colorization with the fog of war factor in mind. Adjust this setting while looking at parts of the map with the fog of war visible so you can compare. Turning this setting all the way up to the max will just make Dota 2 become Ponyland.


Sharpness – 4-7 

This setting leans towards those texture enthusiasts. It also affects how far you would position your eyes from the monitor. If you are one of those who wants their heads close to the display maybe because you're near sighted and prefer to not play with glasses, sharpness on 7 is just right. Of course don't stick your eyes 2 inches from the monitor, be reasonable enough with your precious eyes. For those far sighted people or players who prefer leaning back on their seats, sharpness on 4 is preferable as you won't be noticing much blurs from 15 inches and farther. 


Black Equalizer – Up to user preference

This is BenQ's ace setting. An extension of all the above settings, this one optimizes the values above even more in an intelligent manner. What this does is that it detects dark spots on the display with details that may be important for the player. Take Roshan for example:

If you're the competitive type, you would want to check Roshan as fast as you can – as few milliseconds as you can usually. With the Black Equalizer, the BenQ monitor will intelligently make Roshan on both the main viewer of Dota 2 and in the mini map pop out more while still being able recognize fog of war.


Recommended In-Game Settings:

For those who doesn't have a BenQ monitor yet, they can still adjust the in-game settings. But keep in mind that the following will not be for 4:3 CRT's.

Resolution, (16:9): 1280x720, 1366x768, or 1920x1080, (16:10): 1440x900

Playing Dota 2 is really enjoyable especially with the perfect resolution for you. However, it is entirely dependent on how big your monitor is. With the BenQ XL2420T, you can have all the way up to 1920x1080 resolution – that's as much detail an average player could ask for.


Minimap Hide Background: On

When you hit 50+ game wins on Dota 2, you should have the map memorized by now. Having the minimap show the terrain is now redundant for top players and is no longer necessary. Turning this feature off will alert the players more as it is easier to see when enemy heroes are out of sight – could save you from a gank or two.

Minimap Icons Instead of Names: Off

The icons can be very confusing especially for the most veteran of players. Actually this one is all up to  the player. If you're the “reading type”, names instead of icons will suffice. But if you're the “visual type”, don't hesitate to go for icons instead of names. Being able to check where your teammates are without having to get your camera view all the way to their spot can save you a few clicks better spent on last hitting.

Minimap Simple Colors: On

Similar to the above, this is also up to the player. Some players has the hero colors memorized since the days of WC3 Dota. Newer waves of players may have to go for turning on simple colors as it can really be chaotic with all the plethora of colors being presented when you want to simply glimpse on the minimap and have an idea where your enemies are.


That will be everything for this review. If you want to know more about the BenQ XL2420T, visit the official BenQ site here. If you want to know more about Valve's Dota 2, visit the official website here.