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16 Filipinos vie for two SEA Open seeds

Dexter Ancheta

It's that time again where we decide on who is the most worthy of all. The StarCraft II World Championship Series Singapore Nationals has made Thailand, Malaysia and Philippines eligible for participation in their big event. Two Filipinos will be flying to the “FINE” city of Singapore soon, but who will it be?

Followers of the local StarCraft scene may jump to the conclusion that it is obviously BenQ-Mski.Stellar (formerly known as EnDerr) that can represent the country as flawless as possible in StarCraft 2. But the other fish in the pool may have something to say about that as the competition has grabbed a game or two from the Filipino Bonjwa in recent events.


What: SEA Open - PH Qualifiers

Where: SEA Battle.net, chat channel: goforsg

When: Sunday, July 1

Call time: 3:00 PM




GSL Antiga Shipyard Cloud Kingdom LE Daybreak LE Entombed Valley
GSL Metropolis

Atlantis Spaceship



Tune in for the epic matches that is about to unfold as top Filipino players showcase their skills in macro and micro to outwit, outmatch and outplay. Casted by Fil-Am WawaSC2 and home-brewed peeps Arkanthiel and UnlimitedSky, the games will be delivered right at your homes.