Dreamz Ledion SS breaks curse

Juno Reyes

As the final ancient fell and the creeps began to celebrate last Sunday, 24th of June, three new championship teams rose above the rest of the competition in the freshly finished GIGABYTE Mineski Pro-Gaming League Luzon DotA 4-6 emerged - one for each division of high contention.

Here, before you, is Mineski's recap of what transpired over weekend, as the top rungs in the Luzon DotA scene were once again fought for.

Tsong.Xp upsets Pacific.Palit

This month's GMPGL featured the first leg for the second half of the season, as well as the revamped 2-day format for Class A, which incorporated teams partcipating in 4 different legs (Shaw, Morayta, Katipunan, and Las Piñas), in order to secure spots for the top 8 playoffs for day 2 in Taft.

Of the eight teams that would go on, none was as feared as the former Class S champions Pacific.Palit, formerly Pacific.Revitalize. And they would be not feared for no reason, as they cruised on to the Class A grand finals, undefeated via the Winners Bracket, securing for themselves the first of two Class S tickets up for grabs.

But there, at the final stages, they would be challenged by Tsong.Xp, a team, which like Pacific.Palit, got into the playoffs by qualifying from Morayta. Tsong.Xp, would show that not only did they not fear a top caliber team like Pacific.Palit, but also that they do not fret over being down 0-1 due to the twice-to-beat mechanics, as they proceeded to pick apart Pacific in two straight games to get the higher of two seeds, surprising a lot of onlookers in doing so.

Watch out for both teams in GMPGL 4-7 Class S!


Champion - Tsong.Xp (P 8,000)
1st Runner-up - Pacific.Palit (P 4,000)


Pacific.LaW first ever Class G champs

Aside from the revamped Class A format, this month also showcased the transition of the Women's bracket into Class G. And so, all eight teams that competed weren't only fighting for this month's championship, but also for the inaugural Class G title. 

As the teams were whittled down from 8, four teams saw action in the single elimination championship brackets: Pacific.Live&Wired (Pacific.LaW) and TNC.Señoras survived from group A, while Pmski and Pacific.iChill emerged from group B. 

The playoffs began with TNC.Señoras making sure that there will be no second all-Pacific finals in a row by defeating Pacific.iChill to advance to the final round. On the side of the bracket, Pacific.LaW was able to keep its dreams of back-to-back championships by a convincing victory over Pmski.

Pacific.Law would then move on to beat TNC.Señoras in the final round, to take home the very first Class G championship, as well as their second GMPGL title in as many months.


Champion - Pacific Law(P 2,000)
1st Runner-Up - TNC.Señoras  (P 1,000)


For the Dreamz!

After multiple tries of getting the title of top DotA team in Luzon, and after several dances at the top 4 spots, DreamzLedionSS finally managed to bag the Class S crown, as they overcame iZONE125's twice-to-beat advantage in the grand finals of the hottest DotA league in the country!

With this victory, Big Dog J's boys have once again consolidated their grip on the number one spot in the GMPGL Luzon ladder. 

Interesting to note would be the fact that it was Dreamz that eliminated two-time reigning champions, BadBurn All-Stars, which is now known as Pacific.BadBurn. iZONE125, in their first Class S tournament after coming back from Class A, finished second, while Pacific.BadBurn fell down to third place.

Meanwhile, the opposite side of the Class S spectrum saw Mineski PowerColor falling down to Class A once again. 

Champion - Dreamz Ledion SS (P 15,000)
1st Runner-Up -  iZONE125 (P 5,000)
2nd Runner-Up -  Pacific.BadBurn   (P 2,500)
3rd Runner-Up - Ledion TurboRatz     (P 2,000)
4th Runner-Up - MSI Evolution GT   (P 1,500)
5/5th Runner-Up - Sweetopia     (P 1,500)
6/7th Runner-Up - Mineski PowerColor     (P 1,500)
6/7th Runner-Up - Bye    (P 1,500)

Congratulations to everyone who participated and won in the sixth leg of the GMPGL. See you guys at 4-7!