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Stellar (ex-EnDerr) wins GMPGL SC2 again

Juno Reyes

Despite Marines and Marauders dropping everywhere, and Zealots and HTs warping in at several locations at once, it was the furious expansion of the Zerg controlled by the Filipino Bonjwa that proved to be supreme, as the third GIGABYTE Mineski Pro-Gaming League leg for StarCraft II drew to a close. 

All this, and more happened last Saturday, June 23, at the GMPGL Luzon SC2 4-5. Care to glimpse at the rest of the happenings? Well then, press on reader!

Class A

Both upcoming stalwarts and SC2 veterans met each other at the Class A section of this month's GMPGL, vying to prove their micro and macro skills to the rest of the Philippine StarCraft II community. 

This time around it was Mski.AxinZ, formerly known as nRvAxinZ, that topped the competition, defeating eXoTriGGer 3 games to 1 in an amazing TvT bo5 series in the finals, to secure the lion's share of the Class A prize pool. As it happens, this is also AzinZ's very first GMPGL under the Mineski tag.

ExoTrigger would finish second behind AxinZ, while PacificXenos and MskiChakra held on to third and fourth place respectively, to round off the top 4 finishers.


MskiChakra (Class A 4th place)


PacificXenos (Class A 3rd place)


eXoTriGGer (Class A 2nd place)


MskiAxinZ (Class A 1st place)


Class S

Surprise surprise! Once again, Luzon's Class S SC2 tournament ended with none other than the Filipino Bonjwa, BenQMskiEnderr, now toting the tag Stellar, that stood atop the rest of the competition, for his third consecutive GMPGL SC2 title. This season, all the legs have been won ultimately by Stellar himself.

On his way to his latest tile, Stellar had to go through several team-kill situations, with the top 4 playoff bracket being filled solely by Mineski players. First off, he mothodically defeated MskiPobbes 2-0 to showcase his ZvP expertise, before moving on to beat rival and fellow BenQ ambassador BenQMskiJaBiTo in two straight series: the bo3 WB finals, and the bo5 Grand Finals. 

JaBiTo would finish second yet again, while MskiDane defeated MskiPobbes to latch on to third place, while relegating the latter to end fourth.


MskiPobbes (Class S 4th place)


MskiDane (Class S 3rd place)


BenQMskiJaBiTo (Class S 2nd place) and BenQMskiStellar (Class S 1st place)


And now the question presents itself anew: who will be the one to stop Stellar's monopoly over the Luzon SC2 titles/ Watch out for the next leg to find out!