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BenQ-Mski dominates PPC SC2; Stellar on the top

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Richardson Jacinto

Sunday - a day where all rests but not the keyboard warriors of StarCraft 2 as the community gathers once again to fight for glory and prestige.

Just a day after GMPGL - SC2, PPC or Pacific Pro Circuit launched their first StarCraft 2 tournament. 20 players battled out for the P10,000 prize pool and the title of the first PPC SC2 Champion.

The players were divided into 4 groups of 5. The top 2 with the best standing will advance to the Ro8 double elimination brackets.


Group Stage

The Group A is the Exorbitant's group. 3 of the Exorbitant's player were in this group: TriGGeR, LyNxEr and Megsyo. Along with them are Pacific's NUKS and folie. Megsyo and NUKS advanced with 3-1 and 4-0 score respectively.


Group B is a Zerg Paradise consisting of 3 Zergs: MskiSanGReaL, MskiVill and NvoRzsa while one of the best protoss in the country, MskiWaning and GMPGL CDO champion, Pacific.Xenos, joined the group. But to no avail, the 3 Zergs were outplayed by the latter 2 whom advanced with 4-0 and 3-1 score respectively.


The group of death, the Group C is where the superstars at. The filipino Bonjwa, BenQMskiStellar (EnDerr) and the captain of the Mineski StarCraft 2 team, BenQMskiJaBi were in this group. Alonside with Pacific.Basa and Kaizer and JaBiTo's prodigy, MskiDane. The BenQ players were the players to advance as JaBi scored 4-0 and EnDerr with 3-1.


Group D is a ZvZ and ZvP paradise as no terran were present on the group. 2 zergs and 3 protoss were on the group. Pacific's Alice and Magi were joined by MskiPobbes, Shin and Devastator. The protoss emerged victorious as Mski Pobbes and Pacific Alice advanced. Pacific Alice won with mere 2 points against Pacific Magi on the point system. (both tie with 2-2)


Round of 8

It was a roller coaster ride for the fans and players alike as the Filipino Bonjwa was taken down earlier by MskiPobbes on the round of 8. Joining him on the Loser's Bracket were Pacific Xenos, Pacific Alice and Exo Megsyo who were taken down by Pacific NUKS, BenQMskiJaBiTo and MskiWaning Moon respectively.


WaningMoon is PvP HOT.

MskiWaningMoon proved he's the best PvP player in the tournament as he won over 2 strong protoss player, ExoMegsyo and his brotoss MskiPobbes. This secured him a spot in the finals and the advantage of a +1 on the series as he emerged as the Winner's Bracket finalist.


Clawing his way up

All eyes were on BenQMskiStellar as he was on the brink of elimination, a feat that was only made a year ago. The journey for Stellar was hard as he have to face 5 more opponents to reach the finals and he accomplished it. defeating Megsyo, NUKS to have a shot for revenge on the man who took him earlier, MskiPobbes. After defeating the 2 and had his revenge on Pobbes, Stellar got a big wall infront of him, the man who sweeped him on the Group Stage, BenQMskiJaBiTo. Stellar toppled JaBito down to earn a spot in the finals.


Eclipse of the moon.

It was a tense moment for everyone watching the finals. WaningMoon got the +1 advantage and Stellar is looking so tired, everyone were wondering, will we have a new champion? and that notion gets stronger as WaningMoon outplayed Stellar on game one pushing Stellar's right foot on his grave as Waningmoon was only 1 match away from victory. 

On the final game, Stellar unconsciously leaved a message to WaningMoon as he let his roaches and lings dance on a clash. It's as if Stellar is saying to WaningMoon "You're maybe the moon but remember, I am the Star".  

The moon finally eclipsed to the stars as Stellar's aggressive ZvP gamestyle outplayed and outlasted WaningMoon for 3 consecutive games winning the series with a 3-2 score.


Mineski StarCraft 2 Dominance

Four Mineski SC2 players dominated the Pacific Pro Circuit. They ranked as follows

  • 1st place - BenQMskiStellar - P5000
  • 2nd place - MskiWaningMoon - P3000
  • 3rd place - BenQMskiJaBi - P1500
  • 4th Place - MskiPobbes - P500



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