June Gamer of The Month: DreamzLedion.LA.SS

Wilson Astorga

There has been a lot of hype surrounding the competitive DotA teams of the Philippines, most recently Badburn's dual victory in both GMPGL and GEST. While well deserved, these news tend to overshadow some of the awesome people in the scene.

Which is why, as we wait for GMPGL 4-6 to arrive, we are going to shed some light into one of esports' amazing people. This month, we talk about LA of DreamzLedion.SteelSeries.

(LA being serious or not?)

Hi LA! Before anything else, can you kindly tell a quick info about yourself?

Ako nga pala si Lloyd Alfred S. Bolos. 19 years old, 1st year I.T student sa STI Recto.

[I'm Lloyd Alfred S. Bolos. 19 years old, 1st year college student at STI Recto, taking up IT]

Looks like you still have a long way to go in college. Haha! Uhm, how long have you've been playing? What's the first hero that you've used, and can you remember the funniest thing that you've experienced while playing dota for the first time?

5 years na akong naglalaro ng DotA, unang hero na ginagamit ko palagi ay si  Kardel kasi petiks lang at wala gaanong pinipindot na buttons. Funniest thing na nagyari saken dati e nung pinipindot ko yung mga passive skills. Nagreklamo pa nga ako ko noon sa bantay ng shop kasi akala ko sira ung keyboard dahil ayaw gumana. Haha!

[I've been playing for almost 5 years and Kardel was the first hero that I usually use because you only need to use two buttons for his skills. The funniest thing that happened to me was the time when I'm pressing the shortcut keys of a hero's passive skill/s. I even complained to the shop's attendent because I thought that the keyboard was broken. (Laughs)

(LA during his early time with Dreamz)

Any favorite hero/ heroes that you regularly use?

 QOP (Queen of Pain),  Morphling, at  Puck ang mga favorite kong heroes.

[Queen of Pain, Morphling, and Puck]

So you're a natural-born carry player eh. But were you part of any other team/s before Dreamz? And how did you end up with them?

Wala kong previous team eh, dayo dayo lang ako kahit sino kampe ayun. Bago ako naging part ng Dreamz e nakakalaban ko dati sila Boss Jus (BigDog J), tapos bigla akong sinasama sa mga dayo ng team niya hanggang sa naging player ako Dreamz.

[I don't have any teams since I've started playing. I just play with other teams on different locations while playing with different players. I've been playing against BigDog J's team before I became part of it. Then he just invited me on their matches until I became part of his team.]

(LA alongside with Dreamz and their former player, Maxwell)

And it seems that you are very close to BigDog J. Anyway, what's your take regarding your team's player trade with MSI? (Paty-Maxwell switch)

Yung sa trade ng players sakto lang. Magaling si Paty, tsaka madali lang makuha ung laro nya kaya hindi kami nahirapan sa practice games namen after ng trade.

[Paty is a good player. He adjusted easily to our gameplay, and we also managed to understood his gameplay, which made us have less problems during our practice games.]

(LA during his "om nom nom" moment)

So you are saying that your team is one of the teams to beat? Kidding, haha! But going back, who is LA outside the DotA scene? 

Pag di ako naglalaro, natutulog lang ako o kaya naglalaro ng Diablo 3, ayun lang.

[I just sleep whenever I have free time. Or just play D3]

(Dreamz having a picture after winning their 1st MPGL title)

But thinking way back, when you and your team won your first ever MPGL title a year ago, what was your emotions back then that your team didn't knew about?

Nagulat ako noon kasi para sa'ken, naka-chamba lang talaga kami... haha! Kasi di naman ako nag-eexpect na magiging champion kami, lalo na't ang lakas ng Mineski tapos bagong team lang kami noon.

[I was really shocked inside and I thought that our team just got lucky because we didn't expect to be champions that time. Considering the fact that Mineski is a strong team, and we're just a new team then. (laughs)]

And was MPGL your first-ever tourney as a professional player?

Oo, kasi di ako talaga sumasali sa mga tournaments dati kasi Dreamz 2 pa lang ako noon.

[Yes, because I really don't join any tournament while I'm in the second team of Dreamz back then.]

(Dreamz during last year's Pinoy Gaming Festival)

I see... Lastly, what are your personal preparations for this upcoming GMPGL, and your team's preparations as well.

Nag-aral ako ng mga dagdag na heroes na gagamitin ko, tsaka pinag-aralan din namen yung hero ng kalaban sa mga replays para hindi kami ma-out pick kung sakali.

[I've practiced new heroes for my benefit, and my team's benefit as well. We also studied our opponent's strategies through replays so we wouldn't be out-picked eventually.

Thank you for sharing your personal time for this interview LA. By the way, would you like to greet any person / people in particular?

Binabati ko nga pala yung manager namin na si Boss Jus a.k.a BigDog Jeezy, si Sir Wilson at Jason ng Ledion pati ang mga staff nila. Tpos yung mga kakampi ko na sina Paty, Julz, Owey, at Yosh na lagi kong kasama mag-practice at magpuyat. Si jomz, papaps, joyci, puupuu, rozelle, potpot, child prodigy, si barney at si rocky. Tapos ung Team T.R, Boryas, RustyRatz, at iZone. Si Michael Ace tska yung pinaka-malakas kong tropa na si Paowee. At siyempre, salamat din sa aming sponsor na SteelSeries. Salamat din sa Mineski Events Team sa pagpili sa'kin bilang GOTM.

Watch LA alongside with his team, DreamzLedion.SteelSeries, as they make their way for another shot at the finals in the Class S division of The Gigabyte™ Mineski Pro Gaming League 4-6. Stay tuned at our Facebook™ Fan Page and here in our website for further updates. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEVIN!

*Photos used belong to the GOTM himself, and Mineski Events Team.