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Wild.TheNetCom retains GMPGL LoL title

Wilson Astorga

96 Teams came to participate in the most prestigious League of Legends tournament in the Philippines. It was last June 17, 2012 at Mineski Infinity Morayta where GIgabye presented us with an event truly worth remembering, not only fo rthe teams, but also for the fans.

Teams fought hard to survive the early group stage, battling it out with all their skill and fury. But only twelve teams ultimately made it out of their brackets. Wild2, Justice, BG, The Great II, Angry, TMA, WP, Lhavia, DK, Chunky, TNC.WILD, and JUZ were matched each other through a single elimination bracket to determine who was the best and it comes with no surprise that those 12 matches were all oozing with skill. Each team did their best to get into the finals, and four teams stood tall. They are WILD2, BG, TNC.WILD and Justice.

During the Semi-finals, reigning champs TNC.WILD was matched against their arch rivals Bida Gaming (BG), and WILD2 with Justice respectively. As fans watched another epic face-off of the four remaining teams, BG abd TNC.WILD once again showed the fans in MI Morayta another jaw-dropping battle, similar to last month's finals. TNC.WILD onced again prevailed against BG, and took a spot for the championship match. On the other hand, WILD2 also fought their way for a spot at the finals when they've defeated Justice during their match-up.

Finals came and it was indeed a battle of the WILDS, as TNC.WILD and WILD2 showed everyone an exciting match for everyone's viewing pleasure inside MI Morayta. TNC.WILD never backed down the whole time and succeedingly gained their momentum, giving them the advantage against WILD2 and grabbing the championship title for two consecutive times.



1st Place TNC.WILD P 20,000
2nd Place WILD 2 P 10,000
3rd Place Bida Gaming P 5,000
4th Place Justice P 3,000
5th Place DK P 1,500
6th Place The Great II P 1,500
7th Place Lhavia P 1,500
8th Place The Manila Aguilaz P 1,500

Will TNC.WILD be the first team to achieve a remarkable back-to-back-to-back feat in the history of Gigabyte™ Mineski Pro Gaming League - League of Legends? Will TMA be able to show their true might? Will BG be able to de-throne TNC.WILD? Or will there be an unknown team that will surprise everyone next month?