Badburn earns first int'l gold at GEST

Wilson Astorga

During this month’s leg of the Gigabyte™ E-Sport Tournament, our country’s five representatives showed their might once again in the international field of competitive DotA. MSIEvoGT, Pacific.Palit, iZone.Gigabyte, Mineski.PowerColor, Dreamz.SteelSeries, and Pacific.BadBurn all entered the playoffs of the GEST, which clearly showed the might of the Pinoy Teams after topping in their respective brackets.

And when the singe elimination of the playoffs commenced, Invasion Red of Malaysia, and three Philippine teams (Mineski.Powercolor, iZone.Gigabyte, Pacific.BadBurn) emerged to be the four remaining teams that would eventually compete for the top spot.

When the match between iZone.Gigabyte versus Mineski.PowerColor, and Pacific.BadBurn versus Invasion Red started to play, both iZone and BadBurn managed to make their way to the finals by defeating Mineski.PowerColor and Invasion Red.

Finals came, and it was indeed an intense match-up between iZone and BadBurn, as both teams scored one-all during the best-of-three format of the finals. Game one favored for iZone that made the second game a must win for BadBurn. The second game was all turning in BadBurn’s favor, making the whole finals match a game to be remembered. During the last game of the finals, both teams showed sheer determination and heart in order to win. BadBurn made proper executions in their ganks and clashes, but failed to pierce the defensive stance of iZone in their towers. iZone then made some wrong deceisions, and eventually failed to top BadBurn’s all-mid strategies making Pacific.BadBurn this month’s GEST champions. Mineski.PowerColor, on the other hand, defeated Invasion Red, in order to grab the third spot, making this month’s GEST a Philippine-Dominated leg.


GAME 1 (replay):

iZone.Gigabyte (Sentinel)      Pacific.BadBurn (Scourge)     
anm inma
yhn  JuTan
keL -
pol dOn
ven Bayabas



GAME 2 (replay):

Pacific.BadBurn (Sentinel)      iZone.Gigabyte (Scourge)     
inma  ven
Bayabas pol
JuTan anm
- keL
dOn yhn



Game 3 (replay):

iZone.Gigabyte (Sentinel)      Pacific.BadBurn (Scourge)     
keL inma
anm dOn
ven JuTan
pol Bayabas
yhn -


Replays courtesy of gosugamers.net


1st Place –  Pacific.BadBurn $1,500 ( P 64,000 ++)
2nd Place –  iZone.Gigabyte $700 ( P 30,000 ++)
3rd Place –  Mineski.PowerColor $300 (P 12,000 ++)


Will there be an all-Filipino team in the top three spot for next month's GEST? Stay tuned for mor updates!


Source: Gosugamers