GMPGL 4-5 VisMin Dota Recap

Juno Reyes

Just this past Sunday, 17th of June, Mineski alongside the DotA community south of the country picked up where they left off from last month, as the GIGABYTE Mineski Pro-Gaming league VisMin DotA leg 4-5 showcased teams from Cebu, CDO, and Dipolog once more!


Loseless conquers Cebu

As the day opened in Cebu and the brackets were drawn, most of the attention from the community immediately shifted to the favorites such as Team Cube and defending champions Team Barney, since most people believed that it would be from these two teams that this month's champion would emerge. But away from the limelight, an unheralded team worked its magic  and began to climb the brackets: Team Loseless. This team began living up to their name as they won games left and right, losing not a single map until the Winners Bracket finals where they went up against another old name from Bacolod, Smackdown! The Mecca. There they would lose and find themselves on the brink of elimination against the titans of the local DotA ladder - Team Cube.

After losing one, Loseless decided that it was time to, well, lose less. And what's less than one? Zero. And that's exactly the number of times they lost after their inital fall from the WB, coming back to defeat SD! The Mecca in the grand finals, despite the latter's twice-to-beat advantage.


GMPGL 4-5 CDO Results
1st - Loseless (P5000 + 50 pts)
2nd - SD The Mecca (P3000 + 36 pts)
3rd - Cube 1 (P1000 + 30 pts)
4th - WayBackHome (24 pts)
5-8th - Barney (20 pts)
5-8th - Shimaru (20 pts)
5-8th - Bagsakan (12 pts)
5-8th - Smackdown 2 (12 pts)


Kupunan Ni Eugene retakes CDO gold

CDO, on the other hand, watched on as GMGPL 4-3 champions Kupunan Ni Eugene (KNE) reclaimed the title that they lost to their formidable rivals Sendong last month. With another Sendong-KNE battle coming into existence, people were surprised that the match wasn't the finals, and instead was just a WB semi-finals match. In their latest clash, KNE managed to throw their rivals off, and grab the victory. They then defeated POP in the WB Finals, to find themsleves a single win away from the title.

Surprisingly, Sendong never managed to get back in track in order to meet KNE in a third consecutive finals, as they promptly fell to Awesome, which in turn later fell to POP in the finals of the Losers Bracket. KNE would then prove their superiority, by beating POP again, this time for the title, without even having to use their twice-to-beat advantage.


GMPGL 4-5 CDO Results
1st - Kupunan Ni Eugene (P5000 + 50 pts)
2nd - Pop (P3000 + 36 pts)
3rd - Awesome (P1000 + 30 pts)
4th - Sendong (24 pts)
5/6th - Valhalla~Sky (20 pts)
5/6th - GDG (20 pts)
7/8th - Xp (12 pts)
7/8th - Taga Nazareth (12 pts)


Noty first to three

Meanwhile, the Dipolog rivalry was in full swing this month as Noty and Crownsway, the two teams who are tied with the most number of GMPGL DotA Dipolog titles with two apiece, found themselves in this month's grand finals, barring each other's way to a third championship.

Noty and Crownsway went up against each other thrice last Sunday, as if to simbolize their race towards the third championship. Noty took the first match, relegating Crownsway to the LB. The latter would later conquer the LB in order to have their shot at revenge against Noty, who in turn topped the WB. And though Crownsway would fight valiantly in the grand finals, forcing the series into a rubber match, Noty would not be stopped as they took the final game, as well as their record third GMPGL Dipolog championship.


GMPGL 4-5 Dipolog Results
1st - Noty (P5000 + 50 pts)
2nd - Crownsway (P3000 + 36 pts)
3rd - Dasmag (P1000 + 30 pts)
4th - iE-unet (24 pts)
5/6th - Rizal (20 pts)
5/6th - Zombies (20 pts)
7/8th - I-Smile (12 pts)
7/8th - Iyayo (12 pts)


Mineski would once again like to thank and congratulate everyone who participated in yet another exciting leg of the GIGABYTE Mineski-Pro Gaming League!