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Pagibig takes GMPGL 4-5 DN gold

Juno Reyes

They say that when it comes to big tournaments, one of the worst experiences that can be undergone is when you go all the way to the end, into the finals, only to fall to the eventual champions. But then again, they say that real champions are those that don't give up, no matter how harsh or heart-breaking the loss is.

It is exactly on this basis, as well as the fact that they topped all other competing teams in the recently concluded GIGABYTE Mineski Pro-Gaming League 4-5 Dragon Nest that Team Pagibig can be, and should be considered as a championship team.

A little less than a month after their defeat at the hands of Smoochy and Friends at the finals of GMPGL 4-4, Team Pagibig showed renewed vigor and were evidently inspired and motivated last Saturday, 16th of June, as they managed to finally take home the championship that for so long they have yearned for. 

Starting out strong and sturdy, Team Pagibig did not lose a single series in the entire tournament, on their way to the top, even defeating Smoochy in a head-to-head match at the second level of the group stages. 

Pagibig was joined at the 4-team playoffs by Cataclysm, Bahala, and Dawlipz. Team Pagibig and Cataclysm would later face each other at the grand finals, with Team Pagibig, as you all now know, taking home the title of this month's best Dragon Nest team!

As for the former champions, Smoochy finished 5th, while Team Ron, another former championship team, was eliminated at the early group stages. IGIV X, on the other hand, was not there to compete.  

Meanwhile, 4 participants from Luzon managed to get their names drawn from the raffle held, with three lucky winners getting Dragon Nest shirts from Mr. Eljon Pancho, DN coordinator of the Mineski-Events team, while a lone grand winner received a hound plushie. 


Complete top 8 Finishers

1st P20,000 Pagibig
2nd P10,000 Cataclysm
3rd P5,000 Bahala
4th P2,500 Dawlipz
5th P1,500 Smoochy and Friends
6th P1,500 HappyMeal
7/8th P1,000 Guerilla
7/8th P1,000 Hotstuff

Pictures all courtesy of Mineski-Events Team