GIGABYTE sponsors iZONE 125

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Aaron Perez

After successfully reclaiming their spot in the GMPGL Class S division, Mr. Danny Chang of Gigabyte decides to entrust Izone with their sponsorship and to hold their tag in the gaming scene.

Here’s an interview with Gigabyte Izone’s manager Mrs. Jaslein to clarify things out with Gigabyte on sponsoring their team, Izone 125.



How did you get Gigabyte as your official sponsor?

- We have constant communication with Mr. Danny Chang of GIGABYTE since GEST Tournament started. Ever since then, the iZONE125 manager asked GIGABYTE through Mr. Danny Chang for the sponsorship of our team.


What was your team's initial reaction after having Gigabyte as your sponsor?

- They are very happy, surprised, and excited. Surprised because they thought that the sponsorship would not materialize anymore with all the ups and downs of their performance in some recent tournaments.


What are the team’s preparations after holding Gigabyte’s tag in the team?

- First is to give each other responsibilities and knowledge on how they carry the name of our sponsor, GIGABYTE, in well mannered professional players. Second they will set additional days of training to practice more - to enhance their skills.


What can we expect from Gigabyte.Izone this GMPGL after retaining their spot in the Class S division?

- iZONE.GIGABYTE Team will do the utmost best to stay in Class S of GMPGL, and they will give all their best to get back on the Top ranking.


Do you have any message for your team?

- C. Kel, Harold, Paulo, Earlwin, Jhoven .. stay where you are and keep your feet on the ground, focus and be responsible always in our team. In all tournaments we participate, win or lose - always maintain our Team Spirit.


Lastly, any shoutouts for your team’s fans/supporters?

- To iZONE.GIGABYTE supporters, thank you to all of you in your never ending and overwhelming support in our team. Hello to our previous team members, John Roxas and Akong Lucero, see you one day in Pinas. Thanks to GIGABYTE for the sponsorship and also to Mr. Danny Chang. Hello Philippines, more power to all Dota Gamers. Thank you Ronn for the interview. ate lein - iZONE.GIGABYTE



Gigabyte.Izone Official Roster

 Kel "MatikeLz" Concepion
 Harold "anm/frOggy/atong" Arcedo
 Jhoven "jhoven" Pancho
 Paulo "poleng" Torrechiva
 Earlwin "Ewe" Libre
 John Patrick "jp" Buenaventura