Blockbuster Trade. Max, rArA to EvoGT; JyC to Drmz

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Aaron Perez

rArA, Max, JyC switches teams.

Continuous roster shuffle continue to move the local DotA competitive scene through this time of transition. Considered to ba among the biggest blockbuster trades this season is the one that recently happened between Dreamz and MSI, as Paty moved into Dreamz Ledion SteelSeries and Maxwell to MSIevoGT respectively.

Here’s a short interview with Dreamz Ledion’s captain, Julius Deleon and MSIevoGT’s captain, Kimuel Rodis to clarify things out.

Dreamz Ledion SteelSeries


What’s the reason behind trading Maxwell to Paty?

- The main reason why we replaced Maxwell is that we find him busy nowadays and that’s why we decide to replace him to Paty.


After seeing your team playing in GEST I saw that your team also swap roles as paty plays as the main support of the team and yoshi as your team's utility. Do you find it effective in your team play?

- Right now, our team have ongoing adjustments on our support roles, because both of them are support/setter that’s why were testing on which will play the corresponding roles in the team on which is effective for our team play.


So how much do your team practice for your new roster?

- Surprise! Just watch for our team this coming GMPGL! *laughs*


Do you have any message for your ex-teammate Maxwell?
- We just wish him good luck on his new team, MSIevoGT =)


And any message for your new player in the team, Paty?

- Hmm, to Paty I don’t have anything much to say because he is one of the best support that I know but we still have to improve our team play for our new roster.


What can we expect from Dreamz Ledion new allstar lineup this upcoming GMPGL? 

- We will give our best to not to disappoint to those who support our team.


Goodluck then! Do you have any shoutouts for your supporters/fans?

- Thank you to all those who continuosly supports our team from the very beginning. And also thank you for our sponsor, Ledion and SteelSeries and Boss Justin Alm J


MSI Evolution GT


First, did you replace Paty or did he leave the team?

- Paty had some personal issues to the team that’s why he decided to leave the team.


As a captain and a long time teammate and friend of paty how did you react after paty leaving your team?

- Well of course we’re sad on what happened because we lost a great support on the team but we must move on. “Nagkakasuputan eh”, KUYA PATRICKKKKK!


What can you say to Paty on moving to his new team Ledion.Dreamz SteelSeries?

- Goodluck to your new team Paty! Happy father’s day! *laughs*


Any welcome message for your new player Maxwell and Rara?

- Hmmm kay max.. tigilan mo napag papa56 pare focus dota tau wahahahaha joke lng hindi yan wag kang mag chochoke pare un lang. Kay rara naman wag ka lang susupot ok na yun.


Shoutouts to all your fans

- Sa mga fans maraming salamat sa patuloy na pag suporta. Sa mga haters namin meron din ako maraming salamat din sa patuloy nyong pagsubaybay bohahahahahaha.. Especially Thanks to MSI and The-net.com and to our Manager THANK YOU VERY MUCH!



Whether these recent changes in the rosters will work out or not, we shall all find out this coming GMPGL 4-6 Luzon DotA. Watch out!


Dreamz Ledion SteelSeries new official roster:

 Julius "JuLz" Deleon (Captain)
 Hiroshi "H/Yosh" Yoshimoto
 Ehl "LA" Ey
 Joshua "Owey" Dela Cruz
 Patrick "Paty/JyC" Pascua


MSI Evolution GT new official roster:

 Kimuel "LeumiK/kimo" Rodis (Captain)
 Hiroshi "rArA" Iimura
 Angelo "doc" Docosin
 Maxwell "max" Arokiasamy
 PJ "DoA" Bondal