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Gamania, xGKing top XGTL Week 2

Juno Reyes

The second week of the Xeria Gaming Team League (XGTL) has just been concluded, as 8 of the 9 participating teams saw action, with MiTH sitting out this week's festivities while GAMECOM.Nv finally made their debut in the XGTL.

Read on below Mineski's Recap of The XGTL - Week 2


 Spider vs  BenQMski

  Swim 0-2  (Z) Enderr

  TJ 2-0   JaBi

  NalZa 2-1   Azz

 (Z) Garrion 2-0   Dane

Wayi Spider win 3-1


After scoring a Major Win in their season opener, BenQ Mineski looked to further their grasp atop the ladder, as they battled Wayi Spider, a team coming from a nail-biting minor Loss to Xeria Gaming. But in a surprising turn of events, Wayi Spider, the reigning Taiwan eSports League champions, decided to go on full throttle by sending their best korean players against Mineski.

On the other hand, Mineski also chose this week to field their lone foreign player in Azz, who went up against NalZa, who was formerly a player of Dream Team Gaming (dtG).  Interesting to note are the facts that Enderr is the only player for BenQ Mineski to secure a series victory, while TJ was the only Taiwanese SC2 pro fielded by Wayi this time around.


 Gama vs  SQL

  Apro 2-0   HuT

   Gow 0-2  (Z) Ninja

  Iuway 2-0   Delete

 (Z) Slam 2-0   Stallion

Gama Bears win 3-1


Meanwhile, Gama Bears, on of the two other Taiwanese teams in the XGTL, managed to secure their second straight 3-1 Major victory, this time against Australia's Sequential Gaming. Although the first thing that would come into an SC2 fan's mind when hears 'Gama Bears' is Top Taiwanese Zerg Sen, Gama Bears' coach seemed fully confident with the depth of his roster, as he fielded 4 other players to secure not only the victory, but the #1 spot in the XGTL rankings.

 xGKing vs  Flash 

  iaguz 2-0  (Z) Kyzer

   Light 2-0  (Z) Revz

 (Z) JazBas 2-0   Blysk

 (Z) MaFia 2-0   Drake

Xeria Gaming win 4-0


The tourney hosts Xeria Gaming provided the XGTL's very first clean-sweep victory, as they gained a perfect 4-0 in bo3 series (8-0 in maps) against Singapore's top StarCraft II team, Flash eSports. The battle between xG and Flash also provided what could be the biggest upset in the league so far, as Flash's Revz, considered to be the top player in the SEA-region, lost his series, 0-2.


 StorM vs  GAMECOM.Nv

  Alu 0-2  (Z) mOOnGLaDe

  EvilCat 0-2   deth

  Wizard 1-2   Rossi

  Wulong 2-1   YoonYJ

GAMECOM.Nv win 3-1

Rounding of this week's part of the tournament, Australia's GAMECOM.Nv made use of their first XGTL-showing as by scoring a 3-1 major victory against the third and final Taiwanese team in the league, StorM. GAMECOM utilized the big names in their roster such as mOOnGLaDe and Rossi to grab the vicrtory from from their opponents, which fielded nothing but Protoss players this week. StorM has now fielded Protoss in 7 of their 8 matches so far.

Xeria Gaming Team League (XGTL) standings

as of Week 2

# Team W L P
1   Gama Bears 2 0 6
2   Xeria Gaming Kingston 2 0 5
3   Wayi Spider 1 1 4
4   GAMECOM Invidia 1 0 3
4   BenQ Mineski 1 1 3
4   Flash eSports 1 1 3
7   Sequential Gaming 0 2 0
7   StorM 0 2 0
7   Made in Thailand 0 1 0


Coming up on week 3

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Monday:  GAMECOM Invidia vs  Made in Thailand

Tuesday:  Gama Bears vs  Wayi Spider

Wednesday:  StorM vs  Sequential Gaming

Thursday:  Flash eSports vs  BenQ Mineski


That rounds up this week's recap of the XGTL. For more updates, stay tuned to Mineski.net!



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