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Richardson Jacinto

Games are evolving every now and then, in terms of gameplay, style and especially the graphics and effects. This is where the sad part came, Not most of the gamers out there can afford high-end video cards. If you're one of the gamers who's wants some eye-candy-graphics but kinda tight in budget,  PowerColor got the best solution for you, welcome PowerColor's HD 6570.

PowerColor HD 6570 is one of the "low-price-good-quality" video card out there in the market. Only consuming 75 watts of power, the 6570 surely provide a very good graphics quality for mid-range rigs. This will surely serve the gamers a very enjoyable HD gaming experience.

The HD 6570 can provide the every gamer's need. While running at 650MHz and 1000MHz memory speed, this beast can also support DirectX 11 and has Image Quality Enhancement Technology that makes the effects of the latest Blu-Ray  and HD games more realistic.


It is also geared with the  latest AMD applications added such as the App acceleration technology that let you "run multiple applications at the same time with remarkable speed and reliability. AMD App Acceleration can help reduce slowdowns and stuttering in intensive, media-rich applications. You can multitask more efficiently, and more confidently" and "EyeFinity" that enables your GPU to have up to SIX independent display outputs simultaneously. This is multi-tasking at it's finest!

"Enjoying the pleasure of peeking at my facebook while playing diablo 3"

I mounted the HD 6570 on my rig with i5 processor that runs at 2.8 GHz  with 4 gig of RAM and  ran by Windows 7 Ultimate. The results was better than what i expected for a mid-range videocard. This beast can run StarCraft 2 and Diablo 3's HIGH settings with ease and minimal lag on the ULTRA and EXTREME settings. I can play StarCraft 2 and Diablo 3 in 720 and 1080p resolution with 23-42 fps in StarCraft 2 and 30-48 fps in Diablo 3. An excellent performance for a mid-range video card.


"This video card is most welcome to tristram"

If i will have to rate this beast i will score it a 8/10 but considering the price it'll be 10/10 for me.



  • This is a very quiet video card
  • Very good performance on the StarCraft 2 and Diablo 3 Runs
  • Price is so affordable


  • If you still want to play on ULTRA or EXTREME settings (or something higher that "High" settings) you may encounter poorer performance than with High settings. I suggest you to try PowerColor's higher-end video cards (6600 series above) to suit your ULTRA and EXTREME settings.

CONCLUSION: A very good video-card for gamers that want's quality HD gaming experience but on a tight budget.


This videocard is EXCLUSIVE to the Philippines only!


These are the special features of the Deluxe version compared to the standard edition:


•      PowerColor deluxe pattern (Mineski logo look-alike!)

•      Ball bearing, long life

•      Ultra quiet 60mm fan

•      360° Radial cooling sink design

•      Big color box (20 in)



Graphics Engine RADEON HD6570
Video Memory 1GB GDDR3
Engine Clock 650MHz
Memory Clock 1000MHz x 4 (4.0 Gbps)
Memory Interface 128bit
DirectX® Support 11
Bus Standard PCIE 2.1
Standard Display Connecors DL-DVI-D/HDMI/VGA
Minimum System Power Requirement 400 W
VGA Output On Board
DVI Output Dual Link DVI-D x1
HDMI On Board



Availability: Available at all leading computer parts shop