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Singapore's Flash.Revenant to Korea

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Richardson Jacinto

Seoul, South Korea -- The Mecca of eSports, the city where every gamers dream of living or training in. The promised land for us Gamers.

It's a truly a rare opportunity for a gamer to train and live at Korea especially if you're from SouthEast Asia where the scene is not as big as Europe and America considering the big sum of money that you'll use just to fly to there.

One lucky guy from Singapore will have the chance to live that dream; He's none other than the Singaporean Superstar, Flash's Revenant.

Just days ago, the Flash eSports' management were very happy to announce that Marcus "Revenant" Tan will be flying out to train in Korea with one of the world-renowned eSports team: Fnatic.

In a statement by Terrence Ting Su Yuan, Manager of Flash's StarCraft 2 team, he said: "The Korea trip is something that we have been looking at since the turn of the year and took some time to put together. Everyone knows that Korea is the mecca of eSports but finding a conducive environment in the form of a pro-gaming team house was equally if not more important. We sat down and looked through several options, eventually settling on Fnatic for several reasons already stated in the PR: Their StarCraft II team is undoubtedly one of the strongest in the world, with participation in prestigious tournaments like the GSL/GSTL. Adding to the fact that we wanted to work with an established name in the industry and ensure that Revenant got only the best during his stay in Korea".

Revenant has been the strongest StarCraft 2 player from Singapore and his achievements will tell you about his skills. The management of Flash even said that he " has reached somewhat of a plateau in terms of what he can achieve locally." thats why they are sending him to Korea to gain experience/exposure by playing with the Fnatic team.

"The reason behind this move is simple: as one of Southeast Asia’s more prolific StarCraft II/RTS gamers, Flash acknowledges that it is difficult for Revenant to make significant improvements to his game if he is bound locally, and some might question certain things such as the wisdom of this move months before Revenant enlists into the army, but to us, it represents a win-win. While Marcus has always been regarded as one of the best in the region, there is still some debate between who exactly is the strongest in SEA, whom many feel is still Moonglade, the only SEA player who has had international experience both in Korea and the Intel Extreme Masters last year. 

Our intention is to narrow that gap and elevate him to a status on par with Glade. We believe the invaluable experience he will gain from Korea in the span of that month will last for the duration of his entire career, and will benefit not only himself but the team as well on a macro level as he will be able to share insights with the team when he returns. A trip to Korea in the future is also not out of the question, not for him or any of his teammates. At this point, it is important we do no put too much pressure or stress on him, as he clearly knows what is expected of him when he returns: domination in the regional StarCraft II circuit and leading our team to glory. 

I would like to also take this opportunity to thank Fnatic, specifically Elroy Pinto (the GM) for their co-operation and willingness in making this transition smoother than expected.” -Terence Ting Si Yuan, Manager of Flash Esports


Revz will train with the globally-renowned rosters of Fnatic which includes the IPL 4 winner, aLive and the fifth-race of warcraft 3, Moon alongside the top-tier foreigners ToD and NightEnD.


"I'm very excited to be able to have an opportunity of this grandeur; It's a dream of every Singapore competitive RTS gamer to be able to be experience the Korean e-Sports culture, albeit short, but it's still going to be a huge learning trip for me.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Flash and Fnatic, our prospective sponsor Cooler Master [CM Storm], as well as our much-valued partners such as MAGES, Colosseum and Zepy Games for making this trip possible."

-Marcus "Revenant" Tan

Source: Flash eSports