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BenQ Mski wins XGTL Week 1 kick off

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Richardson Jacinto

XGTL or Xeria Gaming Team League kicks-off this week and Mineski.net gathered the results for the fans who's eager to know what's new in the StarCraft 2 eSports scene.

First off, BenQ-Mski Starcraft 2 now has the ball rolling as they have just won the kick-off match of the Xeria Gaming Team League (XGTL) against Sequential Gaming.

The team showed their skills tumbling with one of the best Australian teams. This is an important match for the team to show that they are now back in shapes, and after grabbing the first place early on the last SEA Clan League. Mineski faced a slump on the said tournament. Losing streak dawned into the team resulting to their ranking on the tournament went down and falling only to the 7th place. They didn't even qualify for the Frog Cup.

But now after almost 3 months the team is now ready again to embark at the world stage with this almost perfect win against SQL. Although Mineski lost the first match between MskiDane and SQLNinja but the veteran players of the team had things going as they've sweeped the other matches giving Mineski a 3-1 win over SQL.




Match Breakdown:


BenQ Mineski vs Sequential

  Dane <  (Z) Ninja
  JaBi >   delete
  Waning >   
 (Z) EnDr >   

Mineski win 3-1


On the other hand, The Host team, Xeria Gaming defeated the one of the best team of taiwan, the current TeSL champion, Wayi Spiders.

Xeria Gaming had their revenge against Wayi Spiders as Xeria Gaming lost to Wayi Spiders on a $100 showmatch last February where The spiders won with a 5-3 score against the Aussies.

This time it's XG who took the victory with a nail-biting score of 3-2

Wayi Spider vs Xeria Kingston

 (Z) Fly >  (Z) Poker
  Nifi <  (Z) JazBas
  DS <  (Z) Mafia
  NalZa >   iaguz

  NalZa <  (Z) Mafia

Xeria Gaming win 3-2

The team of the Asian Superstar Sen, Gamania Bears, took the victory against one of the biggest StarCraft 2 clan in taiwan, StorM. Sen and his teammates dominated the series dropping only 2 games where GOW was defeated by Wizard with 2-1 but the revenge was sweet as Apro, Sen and Slam sweeped their opponents.

Gama Bears vs StorM

 Apro >   Wulong
  Gow  Wizard
 (Z) Sen >
  (Z) Ian
 (Z) Slam >   

Gama Bears win 3-1

The last match was between 2 Nation's pride, it's Thailand's MiTH against Singapore's Flash eSports. The newly formed Flash eSports rosters showed that they are ready to fight the best as they've defeated MiTH with 3-1 score to earn their first win on a Team League.

Flash vs MiTH

 (Z) Revz >   GreenMonkey
 (Z) Kyzer >   Fah
  Drake <   HaDez
  Blysk >   RedArchon
Flash eSports win 3-1

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