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Dota 2 set to be F2P

Juno Reyes

One thing that's been bothering a lot of DotA fans all over the world is whether Dota 2 will be Free-to-Play (F2P), or Pay-to-Play (P2P).  Another is the lingering question of "Will all heroes be available from start?" as other games of the DotA-genre such as LoL and HoN have adapted an economic gaming model in which you could and would have to unlock heroes/champions so as to have all the characters at your disposal for later use. 

Early into June 1 in the Philippines, or roughly May 31st to the western world, VALVe answered these questions as they released a massive Dota 2 patch which included the opening of the Dota 2 Cosmetic Store, the Steam Workshop, as well as Dota 2 finally getting out of Beta. 

So what are the answers to the questions above?

In a nutshell, VALVe has decided to make Dota 2 F2P, as well as having ALL heroes available from get-go, as they believe, and I quote from VALVe's Dota 2 site:

"It is important to Dota's competitive design that all players have access to all Heroes and that players can't purchase a competitive advantage. We solve that in a simple way, the game is free, all the Heroes are free, and items are earnable in-game. That means, you'll never have to pay to play and win at Dota."

This means that one does not have to farm for points or spend real life currency in order to have certain heroes which are integral to gameplay. 

Which leads us to wonder, "How will VALVe profit from this?" Well, they have actually provided quite a nifty solution, one that will enable them to monetize from their game, without having to force gamers to spend so much cash!

With the introduction of THE DOTA STORE, you will be able to use actual money to purchase optional cosmetic items that you can use to customize your heroes. Basically, you have all the heroes for free, but you are free (emphasis on this) to spend hard earned cash to personalize them!

But most important of all, the latest patch also announced that Dota 2 is now out of beta, and that as soon as enough servers are available, the game will finally be open for gamers all over the world to enjoy. But as of now, even though you wait for the servers to go up, you can actually choose to take a shortcut and pay $39.99 (~1,800 PHP) for the Early Access Bundle!

So PH gamers out there, you all better get ready to make the transition, because soon as there are enough servers, Dota 2 is expected to rock the eSports world!


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