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Mr. Swish: 'Oo aalis ako sa team'

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Gerardine Lucero

With their aggressive gameplay style and intense ganking strategies, Team Duskbin has become well-known and loved in the E-sports community as being one that gives thrilling entertainment to watch in the battlefield. They have been dominating competitions from first-person shooter games to real-time strategy games since 2009.

Duskbin’s Heroes of Newerth (HoN) team is known for their aggressiveness and unpredictable gameplans which led them to many amazing triumphs in both the local and international scene; Marc “Mr.Swish” Parasdas being one of the members who’s famous for leading the team to these victories.


Mr. Swish (rightmost) with Duskbin PH, February 2012 roster,
winning Mineski's The Evolution Dota 2 Tournament

But what would his and the team’s fans feel when they find out that Mr. Swish plans to completely leave the team due to losing interest in HoN and wanting to be teams with his personal friends?

Our very own, Mski.Zendex, had the chance to have a one on one with Mr. Swish to clarify where he wants to go after leaving Duskbin and HoN for good.


Interview by Dexter 'Zendex' Ancheta:

Hi Mr. Swish, you are very well known to the HoN community as one of the best players in history. But please give a brief background about yourself for those who haven't followed your career.

- I'm Marc Parasdas. Most people know me as a long-time member of Duskbin since 2009. I play MOBA/AoS games such as WC3 Dota, Dota 2, and HoN.

[Ako si Marc Parasdas. Kilala ako bilang miyembro ng Duskbin E-Sports HoN team since 2009. Matagal na akong naglalaro ng mga tulad ng WC3 Dota, Dota 2, HoN.]


There are mentions on several accounts about your spectacular HoN career. What were your most successful or memorable moments?

- All of the foreign LAN's that we joined were very memorable since it gave us inspiration to become a very solid team for a long time. Our biggest wins were The Games Xpo WCG in Singapore last September 2011 and Thailand Game Show just last January.

[Lahat ng LAN tournament namin sa ibang bansa kasi nagbigay sa amin yun ng inspirasyon sa isa't isa para maging solid na team ng matagal na panahon. Yung pinakamalaking event na napanalunan namin ay yung The Games Xpo WCG Singapore noong September 2011 at yung Thailand Game Show noon January lang.]


Mr. Swish (leftmost) with Duskbin, September 2011 roster,
winning WCG 2011 HoN.


But recently it seems like you have transitioned to Dota 2 full time. Do you still play HoN every now and then?

- Absolutely no. Before we went to Thailand, I was given a Dota 2 beta key. That's when I got hooked. Lutan also just left HoN during those times and he liked Dota 2 more, that also convinced me to switch. I lost all my interest in HoN when I played Dota 2. The competitive scene is also bigger.

[Absolutely hindi na. Bago pa kami pumunta ng Thailand, nabigyan ako ng Dota 2 beta key. Doon ako naadik sa paglalaro ng Dota 2. Since nawala na rin si Lutan sa HoN at nagustuhan na rin niya yung Dota 2, lumipat na rin ako. Nawala yung interes ko sa HoN talaga nang mahawakan ko yung Dota 2. Yung competitive scene ng Dota 2 masmalaki din.]


You seem to have made a successful transition anyway. Did you have WC3 Dota experience?

- Yeah I played WC3 Dota. I had 2-3 years of playing it, around 2006. My team was No Effects and Marvin 'Lutan' Tan and Jef 'Fox' Fortunato was one of those who became my teammates.

[Oo naglaro din ako ng WC3 Dota. 2-3 years din ako nakapaglaro nun, mga 2006. No Effects pa team ko nun, kampi ko si Marvin 'Lutan' Tan at Jet 'Fox' Fortunato.]


What was the feeling when you first touched Dota 2?

- When I first played Dota 2, it was indeed more fun than any other game I played. Most of my friends are also playing Dota 2. On top of that, the game is online.

[Nung una kong nalaro yung Dota 2, masaya siya kesa sa ibang games na nalaro. Kasi karamihan ng mga kaibigan ko dun na rin naglalaro ngayon. Tsaka online siya.]


It also seems like that Duskbin transitioned to Dota 2. 

- The truth is that I just played Dota 2 purely for fun. But then one of our former teammates back at HoN left the team. That's also the time when I started to distance myself from the team.

[Sa totoo lang, naglaro lang talaga ako ng Dota 2 for fun. Pero tapos nun nawalan kami ng isang player sa HoN. Tapos nun dun na rin ako nagsimulang humiwalay sa team.]


Now that we're talking about Duskbin, we recently heard about you planning to leave.

- Yes, I am leaving the team because I would rather have my personal friends to be my teammates. I would really choose them over anybody else despite that our most recent lineup at Duskbin can reach very far. Not to be rude for my former teammates, but I needed to choose. So there, I chose my friends. I hope you guys understand my decision.

Thank you to all those who became my teammate. I wouldn't have gone this far without you guys. To all those who have sponsored me, thank you for the two years of support and I hope you understand too.

I hope you guys find a better replacement for me.

[Oo aalis ako sa team dahil masgusto ko talaga kakampi yung mga personal kong kaibigan. Maspipiliin ko sila maging teammate talaga, kahit na alam kong may mararating yung current lineup namin sa Duskbin. Not to be rude for my former teammates, kailangan ko talaga pumili. Kaya ayun, napili ko mga kaibigan ko. Sana maintindihan nila yung desisyon ko.

Salamat naging teammate ko kayo. Hindi ako aabot sa kinatatayuan ko ngayon ng wala kayo. Sa mga naging sponsors, salamat sa dalawang taon at sana maintindihan niyo rin.

Sana makahanap kayo ng masmagaling na kapalit sa akin.]


That's very sad to hear from you, I don't know what to say. But if you are to continue your career in eSports, what would your plans be?

- I want to be a better player and if ever I would form a new team, I want it to be long term.

[Gusto kong masgumaling pa at kung bubuo man ulit ako ng team gusto ko matagal yung samahan namin.]


Here's one of the questions that some fans want to ask you, what's the secret behind your success in tournaments?

- I usually just play with my friends. Our being of a team builds up naturally by itself and so does the chemistry.

[Karaniwan naglalaro lang ako kasama mga kaibigan ko. Doon na rin nabubuo yung pagiging team namin at yung chemistry.]


That will be all for this brief interview. Thanks Mr. Swish! Any final words and shoutouts?

- Shoutouts to Pakwan, Lutan, Duskbin, sponsors, Ash and Tommy. Binabati ko rin lahat ng mga kaibigan ko sa GreenHills at siyempre family ko.