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StarTale Aphrodite's BenQ Experience

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Richardson Jacinto

The Goddess of eSports, Aphrodite, is now officially one of the professional players that uses the latest gaming monitors of the leading innovator of digital lifestyle devices, BenQ.

Kim GaYoung, or more popularly known as Aphrodite, was first known to be only a guest streamer on RainBOw's stream, the captain of StarCraft 2 progaming team, StarTale. She made a name for herself when she became the first ever champion of ZOWIE DIVINA, a female-only StarCraft 2 invitational tournament, held last November 2011 in China. She defeated the female terran master of US, Flo. She then became the second Female gamer to be signed by a progaming team when she joined StarTale.


"Aphrodite holding the prize check of ZOWIE DIVINA"


Aphrodite's win against Flo caught the attention of BenQ. Aphrodite received a white BenQ RL2240H gaming monitor to play with as a token of appreciation and she instantly fell in love with it. It was reported that Aphrodite loves the Black eQualizer feature and "thinks that a monitor without Black eQualizer is simply not as clear when it comes to displaying more visual details". She normally sets Black eQualizer at 3 and just adjusts the brightness and contrast levels depending on the map she chooses to practice with.


"Aphrodite playing with her white RL2240H"


She then came to BenQ's Lab to try the advanced model of BenQ's RL Series monitors - the 24" RL2450HT. She was really impressed by the image quality and the advance features like the RTS mode and the Black eQualizer. “In Korea, 24” monitors are becoming the mainstream choice for important tournaments, like GSL. It would be wonderful to practice with a 24” monitor!” said Aphrodite, “I wish I could carry one home from the lab!”.


"Aphrodite testing the newest Gaming Monitor of BenQ ( RL2450HT)"


She was also like a child in a candy store, clapping her hands the whole time as the BenQ R&D team demonstrated the other features of the monitor such as the height adjustment stand. The Goddess really approved the product.

"The Goddess talking about how awesome the monitors are."

Aphrodite will now use the Gaming monitor on her feature tournaments such as the Global StarCraft League and the next ZOWIE DIVINA.


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