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Smoochy and Friends conquer DN GMPGL 4-4

Juno Reyes
Smoochy and Friends!

May 19, 2012 - As both champions and contenders fell left and right, it was Smoochy and Friends, an unheralded team overlooked by fans and competitors alike that rose from the unknown to stand atop 34 other teams from all over the country in order to bag the Dragon Nest GIGABYTE Mineski Pro-Gaming League 4-4 championship.

With the two former champions Team Ron and IGIV-X hogging most of the limelight and attention, this darkhorse team from Luzon worked their way from the shadows to prove themselves as this month's best warriors of Altera, taking home a whopping first place prize of 20,000 PHP and their first ever DN GMPGL championship.

Unstoppable from the beginning, Smoochy did not drop a single game on their way to the championship brackets, going 3-0 in both group stages to secure themselves a spot in the 4-team championship brackets. Notably, Smoochy defeated tournament favorites Team Ron in the second group stage, eliminating the the latter from the tournament.

In the championship brackets, Smoochy was joined by teams Cebu Finest, Bahala, and Pagibig. Smoochy got to the finals by topping the winners bracket, not losing a series against Cebu Finest and Pagibig, while the latter later joined Smoochy in the championship series by conquering the losers bracket. Here, Smoochy continued to exert their dominance as they go on to defeat Pagibig to become this leg's champions! Pagibig, for their second place finish, would take home 10,000 PHP for themselves.

On the other hand, the much anticipated clash between the two champions turned out to be a no-go as both teams, IGIV-X and Team Ron, did not ever see themselves going up against one another last Saturday. Last leg's champions IGIV-X were eliminated 1-2 in the first group stage, while Team Ron, as already mentioned above, fell to the eventual champions in the second group stage. Bahala and Cebu Finest finished third and fourth respectively, to round off the top 4 spots. 

There but not quite yet: Pagibig finishes at 2nd place

So congratulations to Smoochy and Friends for the fantastic showing in the latest leg of the Dragon Nest GMPGL! 

Three legs have been concluded, each producing its own champion. With 4 more editions coming up, the race is on between these three for the first to repeat as champions, while the rest of the back try to claw their way towards their first championship. What will happen next? Just keep a close eye on Mineski.Net for the latest PH Dragon Nest news!

Complete top 8 Finishers

1st P20,000 Smoochy and Friends
2nd P10,000 Pagibig
3rd P5,000 Bahala
4th P2,500 Cebu Finest
5th P1,500 Team RON
6th P1,500 Highblood
7/8th P1,000 Royalist 2
7/8th P1,000 RTK

Pictures all courtesy of Mineski-Events Team