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Academic Classes to be Available this DN GMPGL 4-4

Juno Reyes

And then BAM! Just when you think you're ready to roll in the upcoming Dragon Nest GIGABYTE Mineski Pro-Gaming League, tournament organizers from the Mineski-Events team, with the Blessing of Shanda Games, decide to throw a curve ball in order to provideeven greater diversity in the PvP tournament.

Much to the surprise of Dragon Nest players from all over the country, the 5th class known as the Academic will be open for use in the upcoming DN GMGPL 4-4 this coming 19th of May! This means that both the Engineer and the Alchemist will be valid choices in constructing your team.

This decision will not only give teams more room for creativity in strategizing their lineups, but will also challenge them to carefully choose which of the five main classes they will opt to take out of their team as the GMPGL will be keeping the 4v4 tournament format, at least for this leg.

In a statement released by Mr. Eljon Pancho, DN eSports Manager for Mineski, said the following with regards to the decision:

"Actually I was pretty surprised when I got the email from Shanda telling me that they wanted to include the Academic Classes so early on. But then I thought it would be pretty interesting to it as well as keeping the old 4v4 format, so as to see what kind of imba strategies the teams will prepare"

Indeed, will teams try to surprise their opponents by breaking out their Academic-based strategies? Or will they decide to stick with what they have mastered and just keep their old lineups? Make sure to keep a close eye on GMPGL DN 4-5 this Saturday, as these questions will surely be answered there!

For those who have yet to register for this Saturday's upcoming event, go here and do so, and be part of one of the fastest growing competitive gaming communities in the country!