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Mineski's NCCL joins PGF Summer Assembly

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Gerardine Lucero

The University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) and National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) bring out school pride when it comes to athletic sports, but this time, Mineski, together with nVidia, Western Digital and Palit take it to a whole new level as they come up with another way for Universities to pull their colors proudly through competitive gaming in the form of the National Cyber Collegiate League (NCCL).

Now, with the help of RapturePH and Gameclub, Mineski will be bringing in the march of colors on the Pinoy Gaming Festival Summer Assembly! Which school will be the first NCCL Champion? Which one of them will be taking the P60,000 prize pool? Only time will tell!


Duno, of the Mineski Events Team, will be handling the stream and commentary as the school teams clash and will be bringing us an in depth look at the high-level plays. The NCCL is the first ever league in the country which will feature not only those who are capable of making it to the pro gaming scene, but also the students who are able to balance both eSports and their education. Events such as this would not only bolster the pride and passion of Filipinos but also shows its growth in our country! 


“We are very glad to be able to participate again in PGF 2012. Same as last year, we will do our best to be involved in big E-sports events wherein the talents of our PH gamers will be showcased to the public”

-Marlon Marcelo, Director of Mineski Events Team (MET)


"One of the reasons why the first PGF was so successful last year is because of the initial inclusion of Mineski. They were the first company that believe in our vision of working together with different companies/publishers. I believe that with their new league called the NCCL, the school's spirit/pride will surely be alive at the event. We are bracing for one big fight"

- Joebert Yu, Managing Director for RapturePH

But of course, that's not the only thing happening this Summer Assembly! Far from it! Along with the NCCL there will be other events for eSports!



Ancient Struggle

Rapture Gaming will also be hosting a special invitation-only tournament for the Top DotA2 teams of the Philippines! Only the greatest of the Dire and Radiant's champions will be coming to intensify this summer's already intense heat! Who will be invited? Who will win? We'll find out soon!

And as a bonus, there will be two streams to feature the awesome battles! The one and only Jtan will be hosting the English cast, while the Filipino stream will be handled by the dynamic duo. You guessed it! TryQ and Lon are coming to PGF!

How to get invited?

JOIN GMPGL 4-4 Luzon Dota this coming Sunday at MI Taft!

Top 6 of Class S PLUS Class A finalists guaranteed invite!


Unleash the Dogs of War

As with DotA 2, Rapture is also hosting a Starcraft II invitational. It will feature the cream of the crop in terms of skill in Macro and Micromanagement. Only the best will be called out to wage war in the Koprulu Sector, who will be the one who will show us how war is really done? We'll see in the Summer Assembly!

Of course, this will not be complete without an accompanying stream to show us the innumerable drops, harasses and pushes! Arkanthiel, MET's own Starcraft caster, will be on the helm, and will give us all the insight regarding the minds and plans of the players.

How to get invited?

JOIN GMPGL 4-3 Luzon StarCraft 2 this coming Saturday at MI Taft!

Top 6 of Class S PLUS Class A finalists guaranteed invite!


Pride of Champions

Gameclub is also hosting it's Crossfire: Pride of Champions League which will pit the best of the best in the country's hottest First Person Shooter! Details are available in this article.