G-League returns with $42k

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Gerardine Lucero

G-League Season 3 Grand Finals

The heat is on! As top Dota 1 teams battle for a jaw dropping prize pool of $42,000! Up for grabs for the winners of G-league year four.

The G-League is a Chinese event that saw the rise of LGD in 2010 while the following year was dominated by almost a flawless play by DK. With the success of its past three seasons, it looks like it is here to stay.

This year’s prize money is awarding close to the previous’ $70,000 as those who would place on top will take home a total amount of $42,000; 200,000 RMB or a total of $31,500 for the champion team while the first runner up would be 50,000 RMB ($8,000) richer and the third and fourth placers would be given 10,000 RMB ($1,500) each.

The league’s online qualifiers for this season have already opened for registration and are queued to start on April 26. However, last year’s champion (DK) and first runner up (LGD) are automatically qualified for the offline semifinals of the event.

Meanwhile, fans will be in for a show since, this year, there could be a possibility that international teams would be added into the mix, thanks to the participation of Evil Genius and Orange last season.

But the question is; who would take home this extravagant amount of money? Would DK stay on top or will another team prove to be better? Stay tuned on mineski.net for more updates.