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Iron Squid finals to be held at Grand Rex, Paris

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Gerardine Lucero

A beautiful view of a starred sky hovering above, interior fountains, an elegant and atmospheric ambiance; what would be a better way than that to enjoy watching teams battle out for the gold? The Iron Squid Tournament takes it to a whole new level as the final showdown will be held at the very prestigious Le Grand Rex Cinema on May 5.

The Iron squid was announced in January 14th where pro-Starcraft 2 players where gathered all around the world. After six weeks of intense battle, twenty became eight; all of them being Koreans.  The players who would be battling it out online  in the quarterfinals on April 14 and 15 will be Terrans Lee  “MarineKing” Jung-Hoon,  Han “Alive” Lee Seok, Jung “Jjakji” Ji Hoon,  Lee “Puma” Ho Joon and Moon “MMA” Sung Won. Zergs Lim “Nestea” Jae Duk and Kang “Symbol” Dong Hyun also came on top while Min Chul “MC” Jang would be the only protoss.

There would be two clashes between Terrans and Zergs as MarineKing will have to take on Symbol while Jjaki will have to tackle with Nestea. On the other hand, Terran Puma and Protoss MC will have to go through Terrans MMA and Alive, respectively.

Winners of the quarterfinals will pack their bags and fly to France to continue their onslaught for the $12,000 grand prize at Le Grand Rex , Paris’ largest cinema and theater venue. Fans that would be at the venue will be able to watch the matches at the largest screen in Europe called the “Grand Large.”

The tournament will be casted in French by Alexandre "Pomf" Noci and Hadrien "Thud" Noci (Pomf et Thud) while John "TotalBiscuit" Bain and Shaun "Apollo" Clark will provide casting in English.

Le Grand Rex is capable to gather over 2,500 spectators who will be able to enjoy a day long show of StarCraft 2 for 35,95euro. The tickets will be available at 6pm on www.placeminute.com.

To get fans hyped up, watch the official trailer of the Iron Tournament venue announcement: