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Rebengga: 'Our goal is to win GMPGL'

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Marlon Marcelo

League of Legends (LoL) has easily captured the hearts of gamers and is slowly being recognized and accepted as one of the most anticipated and competitive games in our country.

Mineski had a chance to sit down and have a short chat with Rebengga, member of what may be considered as the country's best LoL team.


Good day Rebengga! Can you introduce yourself to the public

Hi, my name is Kurt Cristobal. I am 19 years old, 2nd year college and is currently studying in De La Salle University taking up CS-IST.


Can you give us a background on BG? What’s the story on its name Bida Gaming and when did you formally start playing League of Legends?

We all came from different teams and things didn't go too well so we decided to form our own team. It was hard to think of a team name but in the end we came up with Bida Gaming because we wanted to represent the pride of the Philippines. I started formally playing League of Legends when it was released here in the Philippines which is about one and a half years ago.

Our current roster is Lance 'Kaigu' Hernandez who plays solo mid, Elijah 'Alastair' Guerrero who plays solo top, Yuuki 'Kisou' Tanaka who plays as the jungler, Neil 'Yvmi' San Juan who plays the AD carry, me who plays the support and lastly Bing 'Agari' Xin Kuo who is currently our 6th man. We all have played DotA before switching to League of Legends.

Our achievements is that we recently won the first and second leg of the Manila Aguilas tryouts, champions of the  World Cyber Games LoL Philippines Qualifier and the ESL Guangzhou Philippines Qualifier.


Currently your team is considered to be the best in the country, what are your goals for this year?

Our goals for this year is to win GMPGL, qualify, participate and hopefully win international tournaments such as Dreamhack and to secure visas as early as possible since the embassies are now unbelievably strict.

Bida Gaming (Rebengga at the rightmost)


What is the current level of PH players in terms of international standards?

It is currently lacking but I believe PH players have the capacity and capability to compete with international standards in due time with the right exposure.


GMPGL has now included LOL in its lineup. What can you say about this and what will be its impact on the whole LOL gaming community?

First of all I am very thankful that they added GMPGL has added LoL in its lineup. I am very excited to participate in the first ever GMPGL LoL that will happen. GMPGL is a very huge step in improving and increasing the standards of LoL here in the country. It is also a very good means for everyone to know each other not only ingame but also IRL.


Speaking of GMPGL who will be your toughest opponent? Which teams are you looking forward to clash in the event?

Our toughest opponent would be our rival team WILD who we have been facing in the finals in almost all of the tournaments. We look forward to playing to the new rising teams such as PRIME, KzY and Angry.


Any shoutouts?

Shoutout to my family who have always been supporting me,  my teammates, sFc, PRIME and thank you to all the fans and supporters of Bida Gaming. Please don't forget to like our page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bida-Gaming/187648417973080 and best of luck to all the participants in the upcoming LoL GMPGL!


The rising growth of the interests of young hearts in competitive gaming may be a sign that E-sports in our country is slowly getting stronger.

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