Leumik: 'Wag lang naman talaga mag-chochoke'

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Aaron Perez

After bagging the championship of last month's Gigabyte E-Sport Tournament International DotA Cup, MSI-EvoGT comes to a newly structured GEST IDC April edition which will be held this coming April 21-22 with national qualifiers for four vacant slots to be held this weekend.

This month’s GEST IDC has been structured slightly different as this weekend’s national qualifiers will mark the start of a long qualifying journey for the championship.

It won’t be a walk in the park for MSIEvoGT to once again claim another championship as there will be twelve different teams to represent their respective countries for this GEST IDC which will be held this coming weekend. Top 2 teams that will advance on their corresponding groupstage will compete for another round and will proceed to the top 4 stage of GEST IDC.

When asked about what the fans could expect from MSIEvoGT in spite having Nando as replacement for Akong, Kimuel Rodis, captain of the team, claimed that they might even have a better play this upcoming GEST.

Wag lang naman talaga mag-chochoke, maganda ‘yung laro namin lagi eh (As long as we don’t choke, we always have good game play).

David "GoDz" Parker will stream matches starting next weekend, when the top 2 teams from each nation will play for top four positions and a spot in April's GEST.

Will another Philippine powerhouse team grab this month’s GEST title?

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