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GMPGL 4-3 Dragon Nest Registration

Juno Reyes

Great warriors prove themselves by winning and standing atop other warriors at the end of the day. But legends prove themselves by rising from the ashes of their past defeats, and from there becoming even better warriors.

And with this, Mineski formally opens registrations for the second leg of the Dragon Nest Gigabyte Mineski Pro-Gaming League.

After Team Ron’s meteoric rise to the top of GMGPL’s first Dragon Nest leg, new and veteran Dragon Nest teams alike are challenged to compete in the second leg. Teams that have competed in the first leg are called to compete once more to try and top their performance last time, while those who have not joined at all are challenged to test their mettle against PH’s finest, so they can see where in the thick of things they stand.

The second of seven Dragon Nest legs of the GMPGL is scheduled this coming 21st of April, and everyone is not not just invited, but challenged to join and compete!




When: April 21, 2012

Where: Mineski Infinity Las Piñas, Cebu, and Cagayan De Oro

Registration Fee: Free Registration, PC TIME ONLY

Call Time: 9:00 AM (Morning)


The Prize Pool

Just like last time, P42,500 will be divided among the top 8 finishers. It will be distributed as follows:


1st P20,000  25 GMPGL pts
2nd P10,000  18 GMPGL pts
3rd P5000  15 GMPGL pts
4th P2,500  12 GMPGL pts
5th P1,500  10 GMPGL pts
6th P1,500  8 GMPGL pts
7th P1,000  6 GMPGL pts
8th P1,000  6 GMPGL pts




The Format

Once again, the format of the Dragon Nest GMPGL aims to unify the entire country into a single tournament. Here’s the diagram, as seen from the last leg’s page:

The Rules and Mechanics

Rules and mechanics from the first leg are carried over to the second leg, just like the format and the prize pool.



Registration Process, Quick and easy

Walk-in registration:

  1. Walk-in registration will be available during the event day.
  2. Go to Mineski Infinity and ask for the registration forms from the marshal’s desk.
  3. Fill-up and sign the forms then submit.
  4. Get your clan tags and your respective PC assignments.
  5. Wait for the event to start and listen to the opening remarks.


Online Registrations:

Note: Registering online only guarantees your participation if you come to the event within the hour following the call time. Your team must be complete (at least 4 members) upon your arrival.

Online reservations will be open starting today until the event day.

Kindly post and use the sample format below:

Team name: Mineski
Contact number: 0927-123-MSKI
Contact e-mail: [email protected]
Region: (LP/Cebu/CDO)
Full Names of Participating Players:

  1. Tami Buchanan
  2. Bobbie Malone
  3. Brandi Howell
  4. Marianne Townsend

After making a post, your team should appear on the list once it gets updated by an admin.



Registered Teams (LP) 34/32

  1. PH Saga
  2. Quaelum Circle
  3. Tagatugis
  4. Kampanty
  5. Ouch!
  6. PH Saga III
  7. Mad
  8. QuaelumCircleII
  9. ROG
  10. FortiuM
  11. Watubs
  12. FairyTale
  13. mainyakeez
  14. Disney
  15. Evolution
  16. Infamouz
  17. PH.Led
  18. Dire.Led
  19. Team Solo
  20. Kwan
  21. Dre
  22. Team Burit
  23. TeamMenyak
  24. TeamBa
  25. Umbrage.EA
  26. Umbrage.FY
  27. Umbrage.XXX
  28. Merciless
  29. Vengeful
  30. JapShop
  31. Kapitantutan
  32. Megadeath

    Back-Up List
    *Teams under this list will have the right to take the slot of late teams.

  1. Apostle I
  2. Evolution

Registered Teams (Cebu) 4/10

  1. Guerilla
  2. Team Bangan
  4. CebuFinesT

Registered Teams (CDO) 9/16

  1. UNschooled
  2. OuraSlayer
  3. Royalist
  4. Royalist II
  5. Vier Drachen (ex-Bangus)
  6. BloqBoxPlayers
  8. Rumbleking
  9. Newbies


List gets updated every other hour. Calm your beards.