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$30k ProDota2 League takes the world

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Gerardine Lucero

ProDota2 unveiled a new online league inviting teams all over the world to fight for the $20,000 prize money beginning this April 13.

The tournament will be split in three regions; America, Europe and Asia. Amateur teams are also invited to join into the scene as the league will host a $10,000 non-pro league alongside its main league featuring a prize pool of a mind boggling $20,000.  Each team from each region, total of 24 teams worldwide, will be competing in the pro league.

The league will be a best of two round robin system, with the top three teams emerging from both Europe and Asia while two teams will advance from America to enter playoffs.

The first qualifier will be for Europe on April 13. Darer will play Western Wolves at 17:00 CET while Dignitas will battle with Epidemic at 18:00 CET. Two of these four teams will then play for the first qualifier slot in a best of three showdon at 19:00 CET.

Organizers were looking forward to see Mineski and DK into the final mix for Asia but the former declined while the latter completed the list of teams for Asia together with Malaysia’s MUFC.

“I checked the schedule with the CEO [of ProDota2] and the team will have a hectic schedule.” Says Ronald Robins, CEO of Mineski.

On the other hand, the two other regions will feature qualifiers to determine the last few teams to be added.

An English stream will be set up to cover the entire tournament so watch out for Toby “Tobiwan Kenobi” Dawson’s stream when the tournament goes live.

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