Sharky.Swag owned Southern NCR in SEL

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Aaron Perez

Team Sharky.Swag

Ching “SharkyChingSwag” Obias (Captain)

James “SharkyJem<3Swag” Rodriguez

Carlo “SharkyKukuSwag” Palad

Benz "Jason “SharkyPasonSwag” Henoguin

Clark “SharkyKupuSwag” KupuKupu

Formerly known as ARW, these guys decided to shake things up in the local competitive scene by not only changing their name, but by also grabbing the first championship title in the recent Southern E-Sports League (SEL) DotA 1 divsion, which was held at Mineski Infinity Las Piñas last March 20, 2012.

SEL Prize Pool:

 - SharkySwag P 8,000

1st Runner-Up - BadBurn P 4,000

2nd Runner-Up - Zombading P 2,000

Starting with the groupstage, Sharky.Swag held flawless victory in their group, while the powerhouse team of Las Piñas, Badburn, also managed a winning streak in their's. After two bloody groupstage fights, among the 20 registered teams only 4 were left to battle it all out for glory. The Grand final match, Sharky.Swag surprised the crowd and everyone by dominating the tournament favorite, Badburn with their superior lane management and advantage during team clashes. This resulted to their flawless victory and the right of being named as "champions".

Here’s a short interview of one of their players, Carlo “SharkyKukuSwag" Palad:

What can you say about your team's win at the first Southern E-Sports League (SEL) in MI Las Piñas?

SharkyKukuSwag: First of all we want to thank our supporters who have been our motivators since the start. And we looked forward in winning this event because of our continuous practice to build more team chemistry and have some new strategy.

Are you going to join this GMPGL leg?

SharkyKukuSwag:: Of course, so that we can see if our practices and hard works will pay off.

What are kind of preparations are you doing for this month's Gigabyte™ Mineski Pro-Gaming League leg?

SharkyKukuSwag: We have daily practices and we do also watch replays to analyze other team strategies and have some idea on what heroes are effective on 6.74c which will be used in GMPGL 4.3.

What can we expect from your team this coming GMPGL?

SharkyKukuSwag: Better watch out us on Class A, and we'll teach you how to Swag <3