A glimpse on RustyRatz, Ledion DotA Open champs

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After a birthday DotA tournament blast from one of the most well-known managers in the Philippine DotA community today, BigDog J, an unexpected tournament result shocked the local competitive scene as RustyRatz placed champions when they took out the national pride, MI.PowerColor.


A newly formed team, all are shocked with how RustyRatz won against top teams that participated in the Ledion Open DotA tournament. Here’s an interview with one of their players, Hideaki 'Akide' Sagum to give us a little background of their team.


Introduce yourself and your team

- Hi I’m Akide and we are former Protege. We are composed of: Rara (Captain/Main Support), former Badburn Michael Ace (Hitter), former Revitilize Fernando Mendoza (Hitter), former Highlights RJ Salvacion (All Around), and former TurboRatz and Ledion.Dreamz Hideaki Sagum (Utility Support).


How was your team formed?

- It just so happened that all five of us didn’t have any teams to participate with for the Ledion Open DotA Tournament. So we decided to form a team and compete there and luckily we won the championship.


How does your team train?

- Actually that was our first time to play with each other. Because that was only the time when we get “Nando” to play with our team. We think that our advantage over MI.Powercolor that time was that they might be sleepy because the championship was a bit late when we played *laughs*.


Can we expect you to join this upcoming GMPGL 4.2?

- For sure we’ll be there! And expect us to execute new teamplays, goodluck on us!


Do you have any shoutouts?

- Thank you Mineski for this interview. Also, thank you to the recent Ledion Open DotA Tournament. And to all DotA players out there just practice! BUS YAN

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