PH DotA Team Roster Changes

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Richardson Jacinto

What's new with DOTA? Many were asking about some "sightings" of top players playing for other teams. So Mineski has some answer for your queries. There are some roster changes from the top teams of the PH dota scene.


Akide, Yani leaves Dreamz; Max, Nando replaces

First stop is the one-time MPGL champion, Dreamz. Akide and Yani will be leaving Dreamz and will be replaced by Max, a former BadBurn member and Nando, a former Revitalize Member.


  •  Yoshi
  •  Owey
  •  LA
  •  Max
  •  Nando



Ewe to Revitalize

So Dreamz got a member from Revitalize, who'll replace him? Here's the answer from our sources.

Revitalize was seen playing at the MIOT Shaw DotA 1 Open and it's interesting that their roster includes former Execration member "Ewe". Will this be enough for them to win their first MPGL-Dota championship?

  •  Lowy
  •  Xile
  •  Emz
  •  Santino
  •  Ewe


JoJeRo to KVG

After leaving Mineski, Gardo ng Pinas, John "JoJeRo" Roxas, was rumored to be scouted by Dreamz as he have seen playing for Dreamz for quite a while but to end the rumors, we've asked John if he will be playing for Dreamz and he said, he'll be playing for former HAPPYFEET 2, KVG^IZone. Yes, you've read it right, Looks like it's really true that "once a penguin always a penguin."

  •  Kel
  •  Atong
  •  Akong
  •  Paul
  •  JoJeRo

Cubs left KVG's DOta lineup to focus in DOTA 2


Nivram rejoins Chibiby in IPT

Now we'll go down to the south. Former Latos members Chibiby and Arsian formed a new team called It's Pro-Time (IPT) together with former Mineski-DotA and Duskbin-HoN, Vigass after team Latos split up. Now they're being joined by another former Latos member, Nivram, the man who stood up against MI.Julz.Powercolor's dreaded Shadow Fiend. Nivram will be replacing Sid in their line-up

  •  Mike 
  •  Arsian
  •  Chibiby
  •  Nivram
  •  R2


So that's the biggest news for the local gaming scene in the Philippines. Stay tuned at mineski.net for more of the hottest gaming news in the Philippines.