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Sharn Kemp Premier League Preview

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Richardson Jacinto

2012 is the time to rev up as January 17 marks the start of the South East Asian Clan League # 2.

The schedule of the matches are already announced for the "Sharn Kemp" SEA Premier League.

10 Teams will battle out for the championship



On Tuesday (Jan.17 8PM AEDT) 5PM

Local time, 3 matches will be held at the same time.


1st match: aLt vs xGking

(will be streamed at www.twitch.tv/benjisc2)

The newly formed powerhouse roster of xGking will be up to the test as they will face the runners up from the last season, aLt. xGking will have their new recruits : Myuu, Bielsko and Pokerface with them. who will claim the first blood? It's a match to watch out for

2nd match: SPR vs inFI

2 teams that has the potential to shock the scene will battle out for the 2nd match. Singaporean Superstars Revenant and iceiceice will be joined by Targa to battle the Korean-Influenced SPR. Let's see who will win the race between 2 dark horses.

3rd match: ToT vs EvE

It's gonna be another exciting match as another Darkhorse team, EvE, will fight against the not-so-well-known ToT. This is the first SEACL of ToT but they're aiming to show their true potential. Will EvE claim a victim by the newbloods or it's ToT's time to shine and prove to the scene that they are indeed a team to be known. Let's tune in to know.


Thursday (January 19) 2 matches will be held.


1st match: Mski vs MiTH

It's gonna be Thailand's pride vs the Philippines'. Our very own Mineski StarCraft 2 team will fight against Thailand's powerhouse. It's gonna be another EnDerr vs RedArchon showdown but this time they have their backs backed up by their team mates. Lets support our hometown heroes!

2nd Match: Herocraft vs TA

The "mercenaries" versus the Longest Running clan in Australia and the SEACL #1 champion, TA. SEA Superstars mOOnGLaDe,tgun and cobo will team up with their selected roster against the Terror Austrialis. This is gonna be a heavy weight match-up. Let's see who will reign supreme.


It's only the start of the year but yet some heavy stuffs are already cooked for the StarCraft 2 SEA scene. Let's see what this year has to offer for SC2 fans.